Swimsuits are yǒngyī (泳衣)

This week, our mission was to search for a great, big swimsuit that I would be comfortable and “alright” in (translation: not looking like an elephant/rhino/circus bear).
Diese Woche war unsere Mission, nach einem großen Badeanzug zu suchen. Ich würde mich wohlfühlen und nicht wie ein Elefant / Nashorn / Zirkusbär aussehen.

Lands’ End

Lands’ End Womens Chlorine Resistant Tugless Tank Soft Cup One Piece Swimsuit Vivid Teal Plus 26w

Black swimsuits

Lands’ End Womens Chlorine Resistant Tugless Tank Soft Cup One Piece Swimsuit Black Jasmine Floral Dd-Cup Plus 20w

Lands’ End Womens Chlorine Resistant Tugless Tank Soft Cup One Piece Swimsuit Deep Sea Navy Dd-Cup Plus 18w

Lands’ End Womens Chlorine Resistant Tugless Tank Soft Cup One Piece Swimsuit Black Dd-Cup Plus 24w


Caribbean Blue

Lands’ End Womens Wrap Underwire Tankini Top Deep Sea Floral Paisley Plus 22w



Lands’ End Womens Slender Carmela Underwire One Piece Swimsuit Deep Sea Floral Paisley Dd-Cup Plus 16w



I made sure to have a light snack an hour before and also did my warm-up stretches dutifully and we were off. Of course, we had to psych the baby up for this too and so told him,

“Baby, we’re going swimming today, ok?”

Duh…how obvious can you get, right? 😉 If our son shows up with a limited vocabulary, you know who’s to blame.

The pool was welcomingly empty except for 2 little girls testing out their negotiation skills on their swimming instructors. After dumping my bag in the changing room, Hubby helped me to slowly lower myself into the pool (only 4 ft deep) and gain my footing.

Ooh, the water and buoyancy felt good!

Kicking off, I took my first stroke and almost drowned!!!

I thought I could start swim again as usual but it turns out that 6 months of not exercising and having an extra package in your belly changes your body structure drastically.

My obstacles were

a) weak legs 

b) the absence of stomach muscles and

c) neck strain when coming up for air.

Plan B: I grabbed the kick board

…and gently kicked my way across a small section. As breaststroke kicks didn’t work, I resorted to freestyle kicks which were easier. Gently does it and I managed to finish 1 lap. I took a break and relaxed in the water.

I followed this interval and managed 4 laps then Hubby decided that was good enough for the first day. I thought that we’d only been there for 30 mins but we were actually there for a good hour.

The swim was great as I felt energized and jubilant for the next couple of days. Endorphins? Who knows? Baby was also ok throughout and after that – we were careful to check that his little kicks were as regular as before and thank God, they are.

The rain (and work!!!) prevented us from going again on a weekday but we’re aiming for another session on the weekend.

It’s gonna be a regular workout for Baby and me!

BABY NOTES: Your baby weighs about 1.5 pounds and measures 8.8 inches from crown to rump. Your baby is becoming stronger as its stem cells continue to develop into bone tissue, and its bones become solid through a process called ossification. Your baby is probably becoming more and more active each day, and a moving baby is a sign of a healthy baby.

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  • shilla66 Link

    should ask for my old swimsuit ma… ok ok my size is XXXXL 🙂

    Another reason why swimming suit for those XXL one tak cantik is as a deterrent for them to wear one, to avoid others puke from looking at hippo in bikinis.

    Anyway happy to hear that u enjoy exercising. Maybe that should motivate me to start swimming. I am too lazy to do anything at this moment.

  • Kit Link

    Halah…how I know I was going swimming now? You will really faintlah if you could see the swimsuits they had on sale, punya teruk.

    We only went swimming twice =( coz after that it was raining, raining, raining and then I got the flu for 1 week. Will start again this weekend! And you???