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Shoppin’ for a Sports Bra

I really mean to do some running this year and I’ve got my gym bag all ready with my running shoes and gear but I still needed a sports bra.

The only sports bra I’ve tried is the Nike Women’s Dri-Fit High Shape Sports Bra (L) in XL.


It’s a compression-type sports bra, which meant that your boobs are flattened to reduce movement. The Nike sports bra felt very comfortable although I found the band a bit loose. I may return to try on the L size.

In the end, the only sports bra available in Malaysia was Moving Comfort Women’s Juno Bra, Black, 36DD (US$60), which I bought online.


How’s Moving Comfort Juno?
My favourite features are:
a) the design and the fit
b) the adjustable straps
c) the rib band, which fits me well without chafing or suffocating me.

However, the moulded cups aren’t that great that I end up with the “uni-boob” situation, which can be quite unflattering and uncomfortable 😛

Other brands like Anita Maximum/Extreme Control, Freya Active and Wacoal had high votes on Amazon:

Reading up on a few running sites, I discover that I should look out for brands like Moving Comfort (Maia) and Enell:

Here are the running/fitness and shopping sites I checked out for tips on sports bras:
Runners’ World
Women’s Health

Looking out for more sports bras!


The Children’s Playground

If you live or visit China, you’ll see how much time they spend outdoors 🙂

We used to live in an apartment building surrounded by 3 public parks and every morning, I’d wake up to the (sometimes, deafening!) sounds of dance music, tai chi or even Chinese opera.

If I’m lazy to take the kids out, I can take them to this indoor park, which is rather musty during rainy days and the colder months:

1.Wanna train to be Arthur Zanetti or Chen Yibing?

2. The “slide”

It’s is really fun for the kids to run up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down 😛

3. How about commando training?

4. Maybe you wanna do the Spidey crawl?

Spot my little hero down there? He’s probably on his third or fourth round around this place.

Ahh…we spent soooooo much time at the parks and playgrounds working up a good sweat.