Shopping for reading glasses…

This afternoon, the Hubs and I went shopping for reading glasses (I have a +150 for long sightedness!) and here are the styles that I will be looking for:

Meryl Streep’s looking good in this interesting shape


I’m loving Jennifer Aniston’s glasses too, which rests on the cheekbones


Oh well, here’s hoping that I’ll choose the right shape and look distinguished and dignified >_<


Making music with a synthesizer

Now that the kids are more and more into making music, I am learning so much about pianos, organs and synthesizers.

Did you know that you can compose new tunes on a virtual piano , which is even better with a professional MIDI keyboard controller developed by Kawai?

A virtual piano controller from a real piano company.

The VPC1 features Kawai’s celebrated wooden-key keyboard action technology, giving your virtual with the expression and performance of a real one. There are no knobs, buttons, or displays featured on the VPC1, only 88 real wooden keys and a beautiful wide surface for your laptop, mouse, or synth.

Aren’t the Japanese innovative?

Clutter-free, Classic Grand Design.
With its raised fall-board and curved wooden side arms, the VPC1 adopts a classic, grand piano-like appearance that inspires you to sit down and play. The design is simple, unobtrusive, yet smart and professional.

There are no wheels, knobs, or faders bidding for your attention – this is not a multi-purpose ‘do everything’ controller. The VPC1 has been developed for one thing and one thing only: to deliver the finest virtual piano playing experience.

Flexible connectivity: USB + MIDI
Connecting the VPC1 to your PC or Mac requires just a single USB cable – that’s all. The VPC1 can draw power from the computer’s USB bus, reducing cable clutter by doing away with the need for an external AC adaptor.

This is the ultimate controller for the professional virtual piano player.