Lazy Cat (懶惰貓)

In English, if someone is lazy, they’d be called an ass (a donkey).

In Chinese, if someone is lazy, they’d be called a lazy cat or a lazy worm!

In fact, there are children’s songs sung about these lazy animals :)

I’d agree on the lazy cat since I dislike cats but a lazy worm? That’s a new one to me. Plus the fact that I dislike anything slimy, I find the concept of “lazy worm” particularly repulsive. I’ll take the lazy cat, thank you.

If this post offends any animal lovers out there, please excuse me – my childhood did not include house pets of any kind other than the stray dogs my late Chinese grandmother used to feed kitchen scraps with.

Ahh…those stray dogs. I think we only named one of them – “Blackie” (oh dear, I am afraid this may be offensive too) because it was a midnight black dog who was exceptionally friendly.

My late Chinese grandmother was very loving towards them because she would mix up a mush of leftover rice, bones and other kitchen scraps with her bare hands and set it out in a huge metal bowl for them. If I recall, she even had a bowl of water for the dogs.

She was careful to maintain a 1:1 balance of rice:meat because she noticed that the dogs would shed their hair when the meat ratio went up. Besides that, she also excluded fish bones for fear of the dogs choking on them.

Yes, I would say that my dear old Amah loved those animals. And the dogs loved her too for they would bark happily whenever she went out with that bowl of mush.

Would she pay for prescription ped meds? It’s hard to say because my Amah was a very, very, very thrifty old lady. She would hate to see anyone suffering though. She couldn’t even stand the sound of a baby/child crying.

As you can see, I like dogs to cats. Yup, I definitely do not like cats, especially lazy ones!

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You can speak Mandarin?!

One of the best things about learning a foreign language is surprising the native speakers :)

It’s twice the fun when it’s least expected of you hehehe

You see, I put on a poker face when I am at work.

I’ve been working with a group of Chinese for a few weeks and they had been happily chattering away in Mandarin, much to the dismay of others around them.

Finally, I spoke up in Mandarin and encouraged them to speak in English if they really wanted to be part of the general meeting.

They were dumbstruck!

One laughed, another smiled but one was truly shocked.

No. 1 asked, “You can speak Mandarin? Can you understand what we say?”

“Yes.” (patient)

No. 2 asked, “You can really speak Mandarin? You can understand Mandarin?”

“Yes…but I’m not that good.” (confidence slightly shaken)


Given the range of reactions, maybe it’s a bad idea to stun the mainland Chinese with my foreign language prowess.

Thankfully, he calmed down but he was disturbed by the fact that I understood all their conversations. Since most of their conversations were general topics, I don’t see a big deal.

Then again, how do I announce it?

I’m not really the selfie, show-off type.

Maybe I should wear a tag, “I speak Mandarin” next time LOL

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“Freedom” by Wham!

In the early 80s, the WHAM! duo, George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley’s visited Beijing, China.

If you watch the video, you’ll see unedited shots of the group:
– touring around the streets of Beijing,
– a climb up the Great Wall of China,
– shots of Tiananmen Square plus
– a lot of clowning around by the popular duo, which included some nice shots of their female back-up singers having fun during dress rehearsals.

I love music and I love how fun-loving Americans can be!

Seriously, if there’s anything good that’s coming out of America, it has to be music and the American “can-do” attitude.

If anyone knows how to operate a Korg SDD-3000, an American is bound to be one of them.

In fact, one of my American colleagues had strongly encouraged me to sign my son up for guitar lessons back when he was around 6…

Well, this is easier said than done.

Recently, he surprised me by plucking out “Twinkle, twinkle little star” on a toy guitar – I guess I should step up my search!

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