100 Things You Should Know About Dinosaurs, Rainforests, Reefs, Science, Space…

Now that my son has started to read more and more on his own, he’s moving into the non-fiction book section since he’s asking more and more of the “Why?” and “Do you know…?” questions 😉

Browsing the bookstore for books on dinosaurs, volcanoes, food (???), the human body and a million other topics, I found this set of “100 Things You Should Know About” books!!!

First, we found 100 Things You Should Know About Dinosaurs. When he caught sight of the book cover, he grabbed it from me and flopped down on the floor to start flipping through the pages.

100-Things-You-Should-Know-About-DinosaursThe book is really interesting as they contained many colourful photographs, detailed illustrations and simple explanatory text with quite a bit of questions to engage the young reader.

Since he liked that book, I went around the bookstore looking for the other titles and found a whole lot more!

Unfortunately, they were all in Chinese LOL

I’ve just gone to the MPH Bookstore Online to check if they carried these titles.

I found that they did – some of the titles cost as low as RM19.90 while the most expensive one costs RM89.90 per book.

Are you crazy???

Also, many of the titles we’re looking for aren’t available online. We may check out the physical bookstore…

Many of the books *are* available online but each of the hardback title costs US$19.90 and above. No paperback versions seem to be available 🙁

For now, it looks like Amazon is still the best bet to buy these books.

Or I may try AbeBooks but don’t know if it’s worth getting these used reference books that date as far back as 2004. The world *has* changed a lot since then!

Let’s see, let’s see…


Hydrogen water and carotenoids for skin problems



Did you arrive here because you’ve heard about IZUMIO Hydrogen water and Super Lutein?

Can Hydrogen water cure eczema?

Nobody has the answer to that because eczema (or dermatitis, hives, psoriasis etc) appears when the body has a reaction to

  • allergens in our food/drink,
  • the creams/oils/lotions/soap/shampoo that we apply and
  • the strength of our immune systems.

As a breastfeeding mother, I learnt how sensitive my babies were to all of the above.

Now that I can no longer breast feed them, my kids are OPEN to food that they get from school, family, friends – it is very, very, very difficult for us to control 100% of what they eat, right?

Furthermore, you have “well-meaning” Moms (and others) who will say:

“You’re just pampering your kids. You should just give them any type of food and make them eat it.”

“All of my kids have no problem with any food…all of them are healthy…Maybe your kids are too fussy, that’s why they are not healthy.”

“I’ve also grown up with cheap foods and I’m doing well too…”

If you are any of the above, I am happy for you. I hope you know that you are blessed because you do not have to bother your pretty little head with eczema, fungal infections, hives…


I am EXTREMELY THANKFUL that I have a supply of Hydrogen water packs in my home I can grab a pack to give my kids if their eyes / mouths / ears swell up due to a #food allergy.

#Please note that I am NOT advocating that you replace that Epi pen for a peanut allergy.

How fast can I see results?

This really depends on your body, your medical history, your food intake and your creams/lotions.

In the photo above, you can see that this lady’s eczema healed amazingly fast in just 1.5 months.

As you know, skin allergies go through ‘healing crisis’, which can be extremely agonizing – breakouts, itchiness, peeling and etc. Some children/adults cannot take it and we should NOT force them to “tough it out”.

If you’d like to know more about healing eczema / fungal infections / psoriasis naturally, please call/text/WhatsApp at Tel: +6012-9122 436 or email me here

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