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Food + Health = Happiness ^_^

5 May 2008

I was told that I need to starve from food and water from 12 am last night for the endoscopy.

So, we had a pig-out session. Or Mother’s Day celebration. Or belated birthday dinner. We had a lot to eat and laugh about. The boy didn’t eat much but he sure enjoyed himself, esp to the nice music…too bad his cousins didn’t join us.

The glutton I am, I thought I’d *starve* – just before the stroke of midnight, I drank a mug of soy protein and my last glass of water.

I woke up the next morning feeling quite normal. I’m such a drama queen 🙂 Then, we drove to the hospital and arrived bright and early.

Following the nurse, I was brought into a whole new world behind the reception. Wow! There was a mini ward of about 5 hospital beds behind it… [click to continue…]


Morning Exercise

Happy New Year 2017!

One of the things I notice about living in China is that almost everyone is up and running early in the morning: old folks, housewives aiming for the wet market, students/working people running for the bus and of course, toddlers and kids are out at the park for some early morning sunshine.

There are just so many public parks there is no reason for anyone not to exercise!

Thus, for 2017, we are on a “Let’s Get Healthy” programme, which began with morning exercise 🙂

Yup, the Hubs and I have been waking up at 5.30 am (!!!) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to do cardio, stretching and yoga.

He has been doing really well (after A LOT of “encouragement”) that now he’s unstoppable.
Me? I am trying to keep to:
a) stick to the 3 times a week routine and
b) get a balance of cardio, stretching and weight training

Anyway, here is my favourite video for a full body stretch:

10 Day Flexibility Challenge – Day 1 – great to stretch the thighs, glutes and hamstrings!

Wanna join me on this challenge?