Oh where, oh where are my beach sandals…

Last weekend, we actually brought the kids out to the beach.

We were quite lucky to find a nice, shady spot next to a big, friendly family and it was great with NO squabbles about beach toys etc. In fact, all the adults around just wanted the kids to get along 🙂

Anyway, I was thinking of my beach sandals:


Since almost all of my beach sandals are tattered and torn, I’ve got to look out for new ones because I was wearing flip-flops!!!

My favourite pair of Clarks thong sandals were worn out last year and I just couldn’t find another pair like it…


I see a lot of people wearing Birkenstock but my fat feet just doesn’t look nice in it. Or maybe I’ve not found a fit and colour that’s just right for my feet???


Best Skin Care Ever?


In 2012, I went on the “14 Weeks Real Food Challenge” where I discovered the difference between:

REAL FOOD or whole foods in their original, natural forms e.g. an apple, an orange and not apple juice or orange juice.

PROCESSED FOOD, which are stripped off their nutrients, loaded with fillers/preservatives and then transformed into fast food (burgers, frankfurters, nuggets) and junk food (Twisties etc.)

Beauty inside and out

Do you know why celebrities eat salads?

Well…salads contain red, yellow, orange and green fruits and vegetables, which contain carotenoids.

Carotenoids help protect plants and animals from the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun light.

Carotenoids also function in humans by acting as antioxidants to protect our bodies from oxidation.

Since carotenoids cannot be produced by humans, we need to consume these essential nutrients through our diet and it’s good to eat A BASKET OF FRUITS and VEGETABLES every day, if you can.

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