Hacked! Spammed!

Hello, hello especially to those out there who are still following this blog :)

First, you’ll notice the “comments off”. As much as I love discussions on the blog posts, I have disabled comments because I’ve had harrowing months of SPAM, with an interesting range of stuff and services from China, Japan, Russia (???).

Oh my God, if you’ve ever been spammed, you’ll know how frantic I was when I got 100s of new “comment” notifications via email by the minute!!!

As smug as I seem to be, I know that this lil ole blog ain’t that popular ;-)

Next, in view of how boring this blog has become, I was horrified to find out one morning that it had been hacked!

How did I know?

Well, random codes and text started appearing in my posts and then I also noticed additional plug-ins and stuff in my dashboard.

Thankfully, my webhost sorted it out after I alerted him.

The house is still not in order because I have a “Mystery of the Disappearing Plug-ins” on my hands now.

Sigh, I hope that my webhost can fix this too coz I love my blog and I love to blog.

Spring Cleaning…

For the past few months, we have been clearing books, papers and toys out of our little nest :)

Study Room

This study-cum-guest room has a built-in wardrobe, a single bed and my new desk in it.

However, it functions more as an ironing and storage room because the room has a number of books in carton boxes, Christmas decorations and most of the clothes that we don’t usually wear.

How did it become an ironing room?

Well, when I organized some renovations when I was expecting the little girl, I had extra electrical points installed here but I forgot to do the same for the other room – that’s why.

If we were expecting any guests, we could still host them quite nicely here if we cleared up a few odds and ends.

Recently, Hubby helped me cart out a load of old files and papers. I also reorganized the top shelves in the wardrobe and stored quite a number of items away.

Ahh…I can actually walk around the room now and the little girl can also drive her toddler toy “car” in too :)

Boy’s Room

Nothing much done here except to move in his books plus get him a study table.

He’d been wishing and wishing for one that I got one.

Then, guess what? He still does his homework in the living room!

Oh well, at least most of his books are in one room.

Living Room

Our living room still looks like a kindergarten but I’ve managed to reorganize a few spots and cleared up some space.

I am so happy about this because the kids can now store their games into the book cupboard. Let’s see if I can clear out another spot for them. That way, they can get the games that they want and store them away easily.

We still have a number of their toy boxes in the living room…

Besides that, I switched our balcony door around and created a cosy corner for myself :)

I wanted to kick myself for not thinking of this earlier!

For the past 10+ years, we used the left side of the sliding door to access the tiny balcony.

Today, I switched over to the right side of the sliding door and wow, what a world of difference it has made:

  1. Our 3 + 1 sofa set created a cosy corner for me to do work because the electrical point is behind the sofa set. Plus, I could put my feet up after I moved the footstool into that L-shaped corner.
  2. The kids could easily put their school shoes out to dry on the ledge and I could also hang out our jeans, pillows and towels out to dry :)
  3. I could leave the balcony sliding door fully open or partially closed to let in the sunlight and cool breeze. The kids loved this since they could read or play in natural sunlight. They just love the tiny balcony now.

Cleaning out the broom cabinet

Last weekend, I was hauling out a huge pile of newspapers and decided to check it out.

I was amazed to find that the Man had stuffed some plastic bags and a bunch of bubble wrap into 2-3 shelves. Climbing up a stool, I was aghast to find TWO empty shelves above!!!

Quickly, I moved the heavier stuff like the power tools to the lower shelves and stored some stuff into the upper shelves.

Then, I moved all my shoes into the shelves and that’s how the kids got a lot of space for their games :)

Books, books, books

In an effort to clear the kids’ toys, the Man cleared out toys I had stored into a big, plastic container.

Now that the big, plastic container is empty and HIS books (mostly manuals and other boring stuff) are occupying quite a lot space in the book cupboard, I shall move them out and voila, the kids will have space for their books and games muahahaha

All in all, we will have our living room  back – yay!

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Lazy Cat (懶惰貓)

In English, if someone is lazy, they’d be called an ass (a donkey).

In Chinese, if someone is lazy, they’d be called a lazy cat or a lazy worm!

In fact, there are children’s songs sung about these lazy animals :)

I’d agree on the lazy cat since I dislike cats but a lazy worm? That’s a new one to me. Plus the fact that I dislike anything slimy, I find the concept of “lazy worm” particularly repulsive. I’ll take the lazy cat, thank you.

If this post offends any animal lovers out there, please excuse me – my childhood did not include house pets of any kind other than the stray dogs my late Chinese grandmother used to feed kitchen scraps with.

Ahh…those stray dogs. I think we only named one of them – “Blackie” (oh dear, I am afraid this may be offensive too) because it was a midnight black dog who was exceptionally friendly.

My late Chinese grandmother was very loving towards them because she would mix up a mush of leftover rice, bones and other kitchen scraps with her bare hands and set it out in a huge metal bowl for them. If I recall, she even had a bowl of water for the dogs.

She was careful to maintain a 1:1 balance of rice:meat because she noticed that the dogs would shed their hair when the meat ratio went up. Besides that, she also excluded fish bones for fear of the dogs choking on them.

Yes, I would say that my dear old Amah loved those animals. And the dogs loved her too for they would bark happily whenever she went out with that bowl of mush.

Would she pay for prescription ped meds? It’s hard to say because my Amah was a very, very, very thrifty old lady. She would hate to see anyone suffering though. She couldn’t even stand the sound of a baby/child crying.

As you can see, I like dogs to cats. Yup, I definitely do not like cats, especially lazy ones!