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Did you know that ginger has been valued for thousands of years for its medicinal and culinary properties, particularly in ancient Chinese, Indian and Greek civilizations?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I went the modern route where I disregarded ALL the Chinese traditions related to post-natal care, despite my elder sister’s best intentions – that’s what happens when you try to be too smart and “be independent” 😛

If I lived close to my beloved grandmother, I would definitely have had a proper Chinese confinement where I
– drank red date tea,
– eat foods lovingly cooked with old ginger, and sesame oil
– possibly not bathe or wash my hair (although I know that my grandmother would figure something out from her stash of leaves, roots and herbs).

My baby would be hugged and held with a lot of love because he would have no end of hands there – this is the beautifully big Chinese family in which I grew up in 🙂

During my second pregnancy, I decided to go all out with a proper Chinese post-natal confinement


Well, I had a strange “windy feet” syndrome after my first pregnancy – my feet felt cold all the time!

When the elders heard about it, they tsk tsk tsk and said that it’s rheumatism, which a young 30-something should NOT be feeling.

While almost every one of my blog readers pooh-poohed my idea of experiencing a proper Chinese confinement and shared their personal testimonies of fighting fit with Western practices, I stood as firm as an oak tree in a windy storm.

I was the one pregnant. I was the one with windy feet. I was the one who will be caring for a baby and a toddler by myself in China. And I am glad that I stood firm with my decision.

One of the most important rituals that I skipped in my first pregnancy is the herbal massage.

Massages with ginger-based products

Ginger-based products are especially warming and comforting at this time of the month. [continue reading…]