Pomegranates are shíliú (石榴)?


Like all conscientious Moms around the world, I try to introduce a variety of healthy and nutritious foods to my kids. One of these are pomegranates, which were found plentiful one summer in China. Seeing how Jamie Oliver cut the fruit into half and whacked the pulpy seeds out with a wooden spoon, I put … [Read more…]

Bye, bye, Fujitsu Lifebook S6310…


A few years back, I blogged about replacing my beloved Fujitsu Lifebook with a laptop or netbook. I  got this baby in 2007 and love, love, love it so much! Here are the specs: Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2300 Intel® PRO / Wireless 3945ABG network connection Intel® 945GM Express Chipset … [Read more…]

Singing Chinese New Year songs…

Have I ever mentioned that we have a little chatterbox who NEVER stops talking or singing? Oh yes, she talks almost every minute of every hour of every day. The only time she is quiet is when she’s just woken up from a nap or when she’s sleeping. If talking 24-7 is not enough, she … [Read more…]

Going to the Movies

Walking down memory lane, I recall the first movie we’d taken him to. He was 4 years old then while his baby sister was a few months old. Me? I was DEAD TIRED from breastfeeding a baby and handling a fresh 4 year old. I think I had blood shot eyes then. Out of the … [Read more…]

Flying on AirAsia with kids

For the past few years, I’ve flown on AirAsia: a) when I was pregnant – at about 7 months (31 weeks) when morning sickness was over and I got my mojo back 😀 b) when I was pregnant WITH a toddler Here are some tips: 1. Book early to save money That goes without saying, … [Read more…]

Gym or Yoga?


If you read my previous post on the free bone scan I took a couple of years ago, you’ll know that I NEED to exercise or I run the risk of getting osteoporosis! Last year, I walked a lot and also managed to go to the gym 7 times. A fitness instructor might think this … [Read more…]



Two years ago, my mother-in-law and I were shopping at a supermarket when we noticed a lot of people buzzing around an ANLENE booth. A few ANLENE staff invited us to go for a free bone scan. According to the ANLENE website, the free bone scans: “…use ultrasound technology to assess your bone health. The … [Read more…]