MH370 – where are you? What happened to you?

We are all waiting for you, praying for you.

We hope to see you soon.

Since I am familiar with the scene of waiting for a delayed flight, I can only imagine how frustrated, scared and angry the family members and friends feel as they wait, pray and hope for news of where the missing flight is.

If I were them, I would be shouting through a microphone attached to a new monitor cable:


Hang on, dear friends, and please know that many, many, many people around the world are waiting and praying together with you. {{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}}


Photobooks for Kids

15 March, 2014

A colleague shared with us the photobook she created for her kids today and it was so cute!

She had 40 pages of all her favourite photos in it and we just loved looking at them.

When most of them had left, she told me more details about almost every photo and both of us sighed when we came to the part where her kid is now a toddler – “How fast they grow!!!”

Yup, my little girl will be going to the “big” in a couple of years and I still haven’t got her photobook done. What’s more, my boy may be as tall as me next year and his photobook is not done either!!!




My Father is a Rock Star

14 March, 2014

I love it when my kids hit me with a statement like this.

After being dazed by a group of smart kids, I didn’t know what to expect of this grungy, grouchy group of big, beefy guys.

First of all, I thank God that they were all scrubbed clean and other for the odd stink of old socks, all of them were awake.

When one offered the standard “I hate my life” statement, I was thinking, “Oh great, it’s one of those classes…” but phew, it is not!

In fact, they have become one of my favourite groups because they are alert, creative, energetic and raring to go :-)

All of them dress like rock stars but I didn’t expect one of them to actually introduce a rock star dad.

I sat up straight and asked, “Wow, is your father Jon Bon Jovi? Mick Jagger? Bruce Springsteen???”

And the young punk replied, “Oh no, he’s much, much, much better than any of them. He’s an expert on d angelico guitars from musicians friend too.”

I was so proud of him when he said that. And if I ever met his father, I am going to tell him that too.

You rock my world, kids :-)