Gimme a Break

The kids were on school break for a few weeks and I took time off work to spend a week with them.

I really enjoyed our time together because suddenly, I find that my kids have grown up so much!

Here’s what we did during our “homeschooling” session:

  1. Sort out books
  2. Sort out toys
  3. Sort out laundry
  4. Hang the laundry
  5. Fold the laundry
  6. Keep the laundry
  7. Do the dishes
  8. Set the table
  9. Prepare lunch or dinner 😀

Of course, we also went cycling, swimming, to the movies, ball games, did some art, some craft and we also weeded the garden…


Photo by: Spirit Fire

We also managed to go on a play date where the kids did whatever they wanted while the adults also did whatever we wanted to do! LOL

Finally, we went to the beach!

Summer 51/52

Photo by: Gauthier Delecroix

While the kids enjoyed themselves on the beach with their Dad, I had an interesting chat with an American mum and her teenage son. The Mum was just as eager to sit back and relax like I did (I actually dozed off a bit) but her son was bored and did not know what to do.

When the mum walked off to check on the other kids, the teenage boy asked the father *something* and both of us could not help but burst out laughing!

The mum came back and eyed us with amusement while the dad tried to explain the situation as tactfully as he could…it was a good laugh and an interesting peek into a future with teenage kids.

Anyway, the mum and I found that we had a lot in common. Yes, I think we all had fun 🙂


The Children’s Playground

If you live or visit China, you’ll see how much time they spend outdoors 🙂

We used to live in an apartment building surrounded by 3 public parks and every morning, I’d wake up to the (sometimes, deafening!) sounds of dance music, tai chi or even Chinese opera.

If I’m lazy to take the kids out, I can take them to this indoor park, which is rather musty during rainy days and the colder months:

1.Wanna train to be Arthur Zanetti or Chen Yibing?

2. The “slide”

It’s is really fun for the kids to run up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down 😛

3. How about commando training?

4. Maybe you wanna do the Spidey crawl?

Spot my little hero down there? He’s probably on his third or fourth round around this place.

Ahh…we spent soooooo much time at the parks and playgrounds working up a good sweat.