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In China (and across southeast Asia), many people who are struggling to make ends meet:

Baby flushed down the toilet

A young, unmarried waitress (earning 900 yuan per day) flushes her baby down the toilet in desperation to escape her dire straits. Life is that bad.


Young workers in China factories

Many young men (especially high school dropouts) take up work in a spray-painted workshop like this making cheap Christmas ornaments.

For a daily wage, they put their health at risk. They have no choice.


A beggar in the market

While waiting for my son to arrive home, I noticed a dirty, scrawny beggar digging through the rubbish bins along the street.

He waited till nobody was around before he dug in – he actually drank the remaining drops out of soda cans or juice boxes and ate any food scraps he could – mainly junk food or fast food 🙁

Donating to an orphanage

I met an orphan who shared about growing up in an orphanage. She worked in a bakery and she goes back to the orphanage often to check on her little brothers and sisters.

Together with the owner of a natural fibre mattress maker, we delivered my baby girl’s playpen (fitted with a new mattress), cans of formula milk and other items to the orphanage.


Access to good schools, healthcare, electricity, safe water and other critical services remains elusive for many people, often determined by socioeconomic status, gender, ethnicity, and geography.

The average poor does not have social security – many of them work on a monthly salary with little / no contribution towards a pension fund.

In fact, many of them (especially the ones without a university degree) do not even have a medical plan.

Most of them work on a daily/monthly wage basis.


These experiences above taught me that I alone can do little.

Would you like to help?

In 2016, I chipped in US$100 to personally buy milk powder, dry crackers and other food items to support a disabled boy. We also had the pleasure to have dinner with his parents who are *amazingly lovely people* despite the daily challenge of caring for TWO disabled children in a hospital.

In 2017, 9 friends joined me to chip in US$50-100 each to buy milk powder, dry food supplies and school supplies for 10 families (with disabled children, single parents or lonely old folks).

Would you like to join us? Please contact me here for further details.