China is still a developing country and many people are without basic needs like food, proper housing, sanitation and education.

The average Chinese does not have social security – many of them work on a monthly salary with little / no contribution towards a pension fund.

In fact, many of them (especially the ones without a university education) do not even have a medical plan. Most of them work on a daily/monthly wage basis.


Living in China, I have come across a lot of people who are struggling to make ends meet. Please read about my experiences below:

I met an orphan who shared about growing up in an orphanage. Together with the owner of a natural fibre mattress maker, we delivered my baby girl’s playpen (fitted with a mattress), cans of formula milk and other items to the orphanage.


A young, unmarried waitress (earning 900 yuan per day) flushes her baby down the toilet in desperation to escape her dire straits. Life is that bad.


Many young men (especially high school dropouts) take up work in a spray-painted workshop like this making cheap Christmas ornaments.

For a daily wage, they are putting their health at risk on a daily basis.


While waiting for a taxi, a car pulled aside and asked if we’d like to ride in his car instead and offered us a lower rate. Initially hesitant, he pleaded with us because he could hardly make the monthly installments. We gave him a chance, only because we have lived in that city for years, and are familiar with the roads.

Yet, imagine an office worker having to moonlight on weekends too?

If you are interested to give someone a helping hand, you could donate to one of my favourite organizations below:

Doctors Without Borders

– click here to go to their ‘DONATE’ page. You can donate US$50, US$100, US$500 or US$1,000. Major credit cards are accepted.


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

– Click here to donate directs on the IFRC website. You can choose to donate to the Nepal earthquake, the Ebola virus outbreak, the Syrian crisis, the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund or to the IFRC.


Community-based projects

If you’d like to be involved community-based projects (education, employment, entrepeneurship), please contact me here.