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Shopping for a sports bra and it’s Moving Comfort…

If you read my previous posts, you’ll know that I love to run. My running shoes and gear are always ready but I still need a sports bra.

nike-black-shape-sports-braThe only sports bra I’ve tried is the Nike Women’s Dri-Fit High Shape Sports Bra (L) in XL. It’s a compression-type sports bra, which meant that your boobs are flattened to reduce movement.

The Nike sports bra felt very comfortable although I found the band a bit loose. Plus, I didn’t really like the uniboob feel…

Reading up on a few running sites (listed below), I discover that I should look out for brands like Moving Comfort and Enell:

Here are the running/fitness and shopping sites I checked out for tips on sports bras:
Runners’ World
Women’s Health

Finally, I ordered Moving Comfort’s super popular Juno!



Necklaces and earrings at Forever 21

Last Christmas, I stepped into Forever 21 and quickly glossed over the clothing and bags area because there were just too many items!

Feeling stressed, I felt a sense of calm when I walked around the accessories section.

I was actually in unfamiliar territory because I don’t wear jewelry, real or fake.

I may have worn some costume jewelry in the past but stopped when the babies and toddlers came along because they just loved putting everything in their mouths. In fact, my daughter once bit off all the buttons on her t-shirt and stuffed them all in her mouth like a bunch of candy!

Now that they are bigger, I have been looking at some costume jewelry to dress up some plain dresses i.e. a denim dress and another black one.

Having fun with the accessories, I spotted these gold earrings:

forever-21-gold-earringsI placed them against my earlobes to check and yup, they looked good.

Then, I saw this cute daisy necklace, which I am sure my daughter will also love:


I tried it on my neck and yes, it looked good and I think it would match the denim dress.

What do you think?