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The Power of LEGO

Besides doll’s houses, I am also on the look-out for LEGO sets.

A few years ago, I bought each child a set of LEGO when it was on sale, one for a toddler and one for an older child. The kids played with the LEGO building sets like it was any other toy.

This Chinese New Year, they had fun playing with their cousins’ building set and I was impressed!

Not by what they built but by HOW the two of them built it.

Can you imagine two bouncy, hyperactive kids who are almost always squabbling over everything playing quietly with each other for more than 2 hours?

Seriously, Hubby and I were free to entertain guests, help the in-laws with whatever that’s needed and even sit down to have a chit-chat and munch on CNY goodies while these two fellas pored over the LEGO box and manual, discussing in great detail:
– which piece was needed for which structure,
– whether the piece fitted,
– whether they would build the people first or the buildings first,
– who would get to play with which parts first and etc

Looking at them, you’d think they were the mayor and the city council officer poring over blueprints for a real city LOL

I’d just bought them one of the 3-in-1 Creator sets, which was thankfully within the budget of their vouchers but I think this one will only occupy them for short period.

True enough, the little girl has already asked for another one shown at the back of the box but the boy is still happy to work on it. He’s got his heart set on a LEGO Star Wars set though…

Shopping for Chinese New Year clothes

Shopping for Chinese New Year clothes is usually a headache for me but a joy for the kids because it’s quite easy to find red or orange costumes for them.


Chinese Girl’s Stunning Red Set (Available Sizes: 6M, 3T, 4, 6, 8, 10)

I guess this is the pressure that most parents face for Chinese New Year because the Chinese tradition calls for everything NEW for the New Year.

Hubby and I do not follow this rule strictly although we have been buying the kids new clothes (and recycling a few pieces!):

One of the reasons I only celebrated Chinese New Year a few times as a child is because our family was too poor. Seriously.

My parents couldn’t afford to:

  • deck us all in new clothes,
  • travel all the way back to my grandmother’s house and
  • be prepared to hand out hongbao (red packets) to the scores of children there.

When we were living in China, I had to buy a Chinese costume (costs about RMB200-300) each year for my son’s school performance and each year, I would pack the costume nicely and give it to my Chinese ayi (cleaner) because she had a son who was a year younger than mine. She was very happy!

And I was glad too because the Chinese costume would have gone to waste since it’s 5 – 6 deg C winter in China during the Spring Festival while it’s 38 deg C summer in Malaysia.

This year, I was surprised to hear my son ask for a traditional Chinese costume to wear for Chinese New Year.

I am glad that he’s proud of his Chinese culture – I know my late grandmother and my mother-in-law will be equally delighted with this.

How’s Chinese New Year preparation at your home???