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“Frozen” Birthday Party

If you know me, you’ll know that I hate the TV, especially Disney (read about our trip to Disneyland Hong Kong).

Thus, I can’t recall how or why I bought the “Frozen” DVD for the kids because now, my daughter is hooked on it!

i) she sings “Let It Go” again and again and again and again and again
ii) she drapes a blanked or a pink towel around her shoulders and uses a clothes peg to secure it – she even insists on wearing it outdoors but I firmly said NO.
iii)she loves it when I call her “Queen Elsa” LOL
iv) she wants anything and everything related to Frozen.

We were invited to a Frozen birthday party a while back and her brother remarked, “I think she will be VERY EXCITED!”

Here’s what the little girl’s mother had at that birthday:

1. A Frozen birthday cake - Interestingly, the cake toppers are ALWAYS out of stock! That made me quite anxious as my little girl’s birthday is just a couple of months away. Then again, do I want to pay US$25++ for them???

2. Queen Elsa’s dress
Of course, every little girl around the world who has watched “Frozen” wants to be Queen Elsa.

Now, I have learned that Queen Elsa’s costume must have white gloves and the oh-so-important cape!


I managed to buy a similar dress online (“Frozen” Queen Elsa’s Deluxe Girl’s Costume (4-6X)). Phew!

She LOVES it and has been wearing it already and guess what? She still adds a trailing cape although the dress already HAS a cape. Duh.

I’ve yet to find a tiara though.

3. Birthday presents
Almost every bought the little girl a Barbie doll or a Queen Elsa doll, which I thought was so boring and predictable??!!

Since I didn’t know the girl well, I let my son choose the birthday present and he bought her a book :)

The little girl was quite pleased because it was different and it turns out that she also likes to read. I think my boy chose a ice/snow-themed book that came with a glittery cover coz the other girls ooh-ed and aah-ed when she unwrapped it LOL

For my daughter, frozen-storybookA Tale of Two Sisters (Frozen) (Step into Reading) would be nice since she’s learning to read now.

I only buy my children presents during their birthdays and Christmas and even then, the presents tend to be books or something practical.

For instance, this Disney “Frozen” Princess Elsa and Anna School Backpack would be nice especially as her current one is looking a bit ratty, no thanks to all her “artwork”!


For a change, I may get her this Disney “Frozen” Complete Story Playset because she’s always having imaginary conversations with her cars, soft toys and other objects.


She’s been coming home bursting with excitement over her friends’ birthday goodie bags and insisting that we make her goodie bags just as fun too.

I am glad that she’s thinking as much about her classmates as she is of herself on her birthday.

For now, I’ve got:
- stationery sets
- raisins
- chocolate
- need to order organic lollipops from iHerb
- I’m thinking of including some sticker sets into the goodie bag

Besides that, I’ve got to order the birthday cake, some fried vermicelli, make a fruit salad and include a cold dessert!!! Not to forget some Ribena or some other kid-friendly drink…stress, stress.

Chatting with my colleagues about our kids, I realized how much my little girl has grown over the past year. Read here. Slow down, kid…

Children’s Day (六一国际儿童节 liù yī guó jì ér tóng jié)

I love ice creamChina celebrates this special day on June 1.

Actually a big marketing opportunity since many Chinese parents will dote on their kids on this big day.

Any and every brand of “brain food” will be promoted and marketed to death.

Pamphlets of bright, chubby and smiling children doing super intelligent activities i.e. a baby reading a book, a toddler playing chess and all sorts of such nonsense -_-

You will see many competitions, games, entertainment in deafening volumes all lined up for children at the malls and mega malls.

Babies in crawling competitions, toddlers and preschoolers in various obstacle races – err, isn’t this supposed to be “Children’s Day”? Why are the children “working” on their special day???

Thankfully, my son’s school dedicates Children’s Day (celebrated on a weekday) to the children because:

a) he did not need to bring his heavy backpack to school

b) there will be no lessons for the day – YAY!!!

c) he would be getting an ice-cream treat :D

Poor kid. Chinese school has been a big adventure for him (and me) but he’s doing well this far. He has surprised many of his teachers although they wish he’d improve his penmanship…

Although I agreed with his teachers that he needs to write better, I wouldn’t hold my breath. He’s already a slow writer – if he tries to perfect his penmanship, I wonder if he’ll ever finish any homework!

Anyhoo, after school, I met a beaming kid who had received a notebook as a reward for good behaviour (or something).

He also got a goodie pack, which contained candy, chocolates and some small toys, which he will generously share with his little sister.

I had to ask him about his ice-cream treat as he’d been looking forward to it this whole week.

He told me that it was just a teeny-weeny cup LOL

He was slightly disappointed especially as the vanilla part turned out better than the chocolate part.

Anyway, he had a lot of fun because the school hired a clown and a magician for the kids.

I am really glad to hear that he enjoyed himself on “Children’s Day”.