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Style It with Stella and Dot

IF you love fashion, especially your earrings, bracelets, rings etc , you *SHOULD* consider joining Stella and Dot as a stylist.

Gemma Off the Shoulder Top ($69.00)

Bead bracelets, earrings, necklaces, scarves, sunglasses…love it? Wear it and GET PAID TO SHARE IT . Click here for more info.  

What does a Stella & Dot stylist do?

sell in person & online
Share the style with friends at in-home sessions, on your personal website, or through social media.

give back & do good
Share our charitable products and support the economic and educational empowerment of women.

work your way
Part-time or full-time, on your own or with a team, your business and earnings are completely up to you.


you call the shots
Work anywhere, any way, anytime. You’re the boss.

getting started is easy
Low startup costs. No inventory. No monthly quotas.

it’s totally doable
No experience necessary. We’ve got your back with training, apps, and support.

amazing rewards-you deserve it!
keep it exciting with additional prizes, perks, and rewards.

Check out the details here. Go for it, girl!

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