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If you meet me, you’ll probably think that I own nothing except T-shirts and jeans in my wardrobe 🙂

In fact, I have a cousin who is EXACTLY like me but since she’s built a career in sales, she has grown up and is now wearing more dresses and suits.

Since she’s younger than me, it’s high time (and my Mom strongly agrees with this) that I start dressing up like a LADY too.

Now, the difference between my cousin and I is that she’s stick thin while I’m…well, curvy. One of the reasons that I hate shopping is that I can almost NEVER find anything that fits me.

That’s why I hang on to my favourite old clothes for dear life and also why Hubby can never get me to clear out my closet!

I’d rather lose weight than part with my favourite pieces, on which I’d spent hours and hours browsing through racks and going in and out of dressing rooms.

My personal style is simple, elegant, comfortable and of course, slimming 🙂

Recently, I was invited to check out the clothes at FashionMia and I found a nice selection of plus-size tops and dresses at this online shop (with free shipping on orders US$79+).

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