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Super Lutein for Kids


Computer vision syndrome                               (计算机视觉综合征)

As electronic billboards, computer screens, screens of tablets and various mobile devices emit harmful blue light (蓝光), the name for eye problems caused by computer use is computer vision syndrome (CVS).

Apple iPad 3G tablet

As we age, our eyes lose vital nutrients and the ability to protect them diminishes. Think of what you are doing to help your eyes stay healthy.

Since both of my children are in Chinese school, they have to do A LOT of reading and writing!

See below the one day Chinese homework for my kids when they were 6 years old:

Besides that, they also love to read books….

And play Minecraft or watch YouTube on weekends…

Although I limit their use of the iPad and online, I they still use their eyes a lot.

Many people are relying on reading glasses and contact lenses with the belief that poor vision is inevitable with the passing of time.

However, a proper diet and sufficient supplementation of beneficial nutrients can help maintain eye health.

Regular intake of fruits and vegetables

I am a die-hard fan of eating real foods, especially after my “Real Food Challenge” but how many of us can eat 5 types of fruits and vegetables EVERY breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Honestly, there were days when my children could only manage ONE serving of fruits and TWO servings of vegetables per day. Did you know that children and adults need SEVEN servings of colourful vegetables and fruits to stay healthy?

That’s when I started to supplement my diet with Super Lutein and joined Naturally Plus as an independent distributor.


benefits-of-lutein-lycopene-caroteneSuper Lutein has 6 carotenoids (类胡萝卜素):

  1. lutein,
  2. lycopene,
  3. alpha-carotene,
  4. beta-carotene,
  5. zeaxanthin and
  6. crocetin for healthy eyes, skin and blood.

Super Lutein also has:

  • blueberries and blackcurrants (super food but highly expensive in Asia),
  • DHA (from tuna fish oil) for nerves,
  • vitamin E and
  • vitamins B complex (B1 – Thiamine, B2 – Riboflavin and B12 – Cyananocobalamin).
  • Essential B Vitamins (B1, B6 and B12) in equal amounts are essential for energy, nerves and healthy hair and nails.

Here’s the ingredient list (for US) in detail:

6 carotenoids:

  • lutein – 30 mg,
    lycopene – 12.00 mg,
    beta-carotene – vitamin A – 3.50 mg
    zeaxanthin and
  • Tuna fish oil – 74.50 mg
  • Wheat germ oil – 70.00 mg
  • Equal amounts of essential B vitamins (B1 – thiamine – 0.50 mg, B2 – riboflavin – 0.50 mg, B6 – pyridoxine – 0.41 mg and B12 – 0.50 mg),
    Vitamin E – 35.00 mg,

That’s why I think that Super Lutein is the best supplement for kids for dry, red eyes.

If you’d like to know more about these chewable, binder-free, filler-free, sugar-free supplements, please contact me here for more info.

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