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Plus Size Fashion

I am a woman with boobs and a butt.

I am also a Mom who gave birth to 2 kiddos.

Now that breastfeeding and chasing after toddlers have stopped, I find that I have:

a) a pooch again

b) love handles and

c) jiggly thighs!!!

Just a note to myself, DO NOT buy any of these, no matter how beautiful the fabric is:

  1. Peasant blouses with pleats around the chest
  2. Pirate tops unless there’s a cinched waist and it skim the hips
  3. Figure-hugging dresses (e.g. bodycon dresses ) are also no-no until you’re as slim as Apple’s mom or you want to be a fashion sensation like Kim Kardashian)


Since weight loss takes time, I will still need to dress up and go to work on Monday, right?

Well…this afternoon, I took a long, hard look at my wardrobe and find that these styles make me look good:

  1. Kimono dresses (e.g. the one that Bette Midler is wearing in “First Wives Club”). Basically, anything with a V neckline and A-line cutting will flatter you.
  2. Flowy caftans
  3. Tailored shirts
  4. Palazzo pants
  5. Culottes
  6. Capri pants
  7. A-line skirts or pants

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…to be continued

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