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Mum’s Adventures in China

It Ain’t Over till the Fat Lady Sings

I am a woman with boobs and a butt.

I am also a Mom who gave birth to 2 kiddos.

Now that breastfeeding and chasing after toddlers have stopped, I find that I have:

a) a pooch again

b) love handles and

c) jiggly thighs!!!

Well…this afternoon, I took a long, hard look at my wardrobe and find that these styles make me look good:

  1. Kimono dresses (e.g. the one that Bette Midler is wearing in “First Wives Club”). Basically, anything with a V neckline and A-line cutting will flatter you.

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  3. Flowy caftans
  4. Tailored shirts
  5. Palazzo pants
  6. Culottes
  7. Capri pants
  8. A-line skirts or pants

Just a note to myself (and you, if you’re in the same boat), no matter how beautiful the fabric is and no matter how good it looks on the mannequin or model, DO NOT buy any of these:

  1. Peasant blouses with pleats around the chest
  2. Pirate tops unless there’s a cinched waist and it skim the hips
  3. Figure-hugging dresses (e.g. bodycon dresses ) are also no-no until you’re as slim, flat and tall as Gwyneth Paltrow or you are curvy like Kim Kardashian)


…to be continued

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