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I Want to Ride my Bicycle

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Our modern, hectic (laptop) lifestyles will eventually kill us if we don’t make a lifestyle change.


I have been blogging regularly about any exercise that we manage to sneak in because one of my 2016 resolutions is to exercise at least TWICE a week.

Even if I am super busy with work, kids and etc, I will still try to fit in some sun salutations (suryanamaskar).

I find that when I am in a better mood when I’ve had even a few yoga stretches either early in the morning or late at night before I sleep.

Besides running around an open field, riding a mountain bike is one of my favourite exercises.

Since I’m usually with the kids while the Hubs is stuck late in the office, I’ve not had a chance to cycle anywhere. The few times I’ve gone on a bike in a relatively traffic-free area, #1 cycles with me. #2 rides on the pillion but she finds it bumpy!

Now that both kids can cycle (kudos to the girl!!!), we are hoping to upgrade #1 onto our bike but we’ll need to wait for #2 to outgrow her kiddy bike and take over her big brother’s bike. Then I can get a mountain bike! 🙂

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