Flip flops or sandals?

Last weekend, we actually brought the kids out to the beach.

We were quite lucky to find a nice, shady spot next to a big, friendly family and it was great with NO squabbles about beach toys etc. In fact, all the adults around just wanted the kids to get along 🙂

Anyway, I was thinking of my beach sandals:


Since almost all of my beach sandals are tattered and torn, I’ve got to look out for new ones because I was wearing flip-flops!!!

Clarks and Birkenstock

My favourite pair of Clarks thong sandals were worn out last year and I just couldn’t find another pair like it…


I see a lot of people wearing Birkenstock but my fat feet just doesn’t look nice in it. Also, I notice that the cork soles turn a dark brown, which is quite unsightly after a long period.

Since Clarks’ sandals have been pretty a hit and a miss, I have been loving Skechers especially after I bought my son a pair of sneakers he can run, jump

Fit Flop for happy feet

Fit Flop is another US brand that is my favorite for the beach or for walking expeditions. The flexible soles, glittery toe-grips and sturdy structure help this Mom go from sandy beach to salsa nights 😉