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Sun salutations

I am SUPER happy because on April 15 (Friday) evening, I managed to do:

a) a set of sun salutations – with the kids 🙂
Initially, my boy was reluctant to join in but after a lot of coaxing, he joined in and actually found it fun coz he said, “I can remember the steps now!”

b) three different types of squats and lunges

I found a video of a lady doing 3 types of squats on Instagram and just did sets of 10.

c) 10 minutes of core exercises
d) 10 minutes of arm exercises with weights
e) 10 minutes of upper body exercises with weights and

f) finally, the half-plank pose for 20 seconds?
Of all the above exercises, the half-plank was the most fascinating because I remember seeing a yogi doing the ultimate plank, which was to support his entire body using just his two hands.

Anyway, I was shaking on my first try (as expected) but I felt good being able to hold a “push up” position on my elbows. I’ll try doing it every day until I can sustain it for 30 seconds and do the other variations.

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