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Sugar-Free Food

Every year I celebrate my daughter’s birthday, I also celebrate the number of years I am diabetes-free 🙂

Ever since I started the Real Food Challenge of not eating sweeteners or artificial sweeteners, I actually got feedback from other moms that I AM TOO STRICT.

Am I? What will they say when my kids or I end up diabetic?

“Oh, I am so sorry to hear that…”


Anyway, this post is to celebrate a 59 year old Chinese man’s positive experience with Hydrogen water. 

He had been diagnosed with glaucoma and he was depressed because his eyesight was failing and the optician told him that his optic nerves were damaged and he had pressure on his eyeball.

What You Should Know About Glaucoma At-a-GlanceMy team member and I shared about Izumio and Super Lutein to him and since he’d just bought some lutein supplements, he agreed to try 1 box of IZUMIO.

We did not expect much from the couple especially as his wife is quite skeptical about this box of H2 water:

The Chinese uncle drank the IZUMIO and a month later, his wife (the skeptic, remember?) informed us that his eyes had improvement.

We were equally surprised especially as SHE was the skeptical one 🙂 Anyway, they ordered another box of IZUMIO.

A month later, the man reported that his optician actually recorded reduced eye pressure!!!

How cool is that, right?

Now, he has started taking Super Lutein and we wish the best for him.

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