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Starbucks at Hong Kong International Airport

The kids and I have been in and out of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) countless times.

Usually, it’s a quick transit but sometimes, I get 2-3 hours of shopping time, which is great but one fine day, we were actually stuck there for 10-12 hours!

No, we were not late for the flight – instead, our flight had been delayed.

We were given food vouchers and also told to go the “lounge” at Level 6 to “rest”.

Here’s what we did before we ended up at the lounge:

List of Restaurants

This is the list of restaurants available at HKIA Terminal 1 (B1, GF, L1 and L2). This list was probably taken in 2013 because I think more restaurants are available on L2. We’ve only ever eaten at McD’s, Wimpy’s, a Hong Kong restaurant and a Korean restaurant because they were more affordable.


Mom and Baby room and toilet at HKIA

Here’s a glimpse of the baby room, which I’d taken the kids for breastfeeding and a nappy change.

The room is clean but beware that it could stink of poo especially when another Mom has been in there for a nappy change – I once used the baby stroller to keep the door ajar.


When you’re in the toilet with a preschooler and a baby, you need something to keep their minds and hands busy, right?

I think that the baby and kid-friendly toilets in HKIA are the best!:)

– my baby could sit and stare at this cheery mural while my preschooler would count the clouds, point at the sun and teach his little sister, “Sun! See the yellow sun? Do you know how to spell “sun”?” etc, ride the airplane on an imaginary flight and other nonsense he can think of to entertain his baby sister…


Here’s the information counter (conveniently located in the middle) where passengers in transit would pass by in and out of HKIA.

Since it’s quite a distance where we had to walk from the arrival hall to the transit counter, the kids and I were looking forward to cash in our food vouchers from Starbucks!

I think they give out vouchers depending on whether you’re Asian/Caucasian or English-speaking/Chinese-speaking because the Chinese passengers got food vouchers to the Hong Kong-style restaurants šŸ™‚ They refused the Starbucks vouchers.

I have 2 fussy eaters but the Christmas theme at Starbucks made them happy and I got the preschooler to look at the selection of juices while I queued up at the counter/cashier.

Here’s what we got for our food vouchers: 2 juices, 1 coffee/latte, 1 ham & cheese croissant sandwich (yum! He ate it all), 1 pack of 3 sandwiches (tuna+ham+???) and 1 chicken wrap for the toddler. Starbucks was a good choice then coz they happily ate up everything and I had some peace and quiet…


After all the above, we still had 6-8 hours at HKIA!!!

We went to the airport “lounge” but it was more of a business traveler type of lounge with bar stools and finger foods or salty snacks like nuts.

We were there for barely 15 minutes and the kids were gonna tear the place apart…the counter staff could NOT see the pandemonium because they were conveniently seated at the front, with a backdrop shielding them from the action.

Finally, I went there and asked the one of them to check out the scene and told them there is no chanceĀ in hell the kids and I are going to survive at the Business Center for the next 5-6 hours.

Fortunately, one of them had common sense (God bless him!!!) and made a quick decision – we were shown to the resting lounges.

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May God bless this beautiful soul because the kids and I had been up since 5.00 am and we only needed to get to our departure gate at 7.00 pm+.

After a quick shower, the kids and I squeezed onto a tiny bed and knocked off. I set the alarm and also asked the counter staff for a wake-up call.

In the end, my mobile phone alarm was more dependable >_<

Here’s my son’s report of the long day we had:


Thank you, HKIA, for a memorableĀ transit.