Old Town White Coffee

Old Town is one of our favourite places to stop by for a light and nutritious breakfast in Malaysia. It’s a franchise, which has its roots from a famous coffee shop from the old town area in Ipoh. This creamy and aromatic coffee was then sold in packs in supermarket.

If I’m not mistaken, the Old Town coffee shops sprouted out to offer folks all over Malaysia the chance to savour the good food found at the original coffee shop in the old town area of Ipoh without the need to go there.

I loved the half-boiled eggs:


The eggs are usually paired with steamed bread (shown below) with butter (or margarine?) and kaya (a sweet jam made of coconut cream, egg yolks and sugar) or light toast with the same spreads:


This is our simple breakfast almost every Saturday morning.

On occasion, I would try out the nasi lemak, of which the rice is quite fragrant and the sambal quite flavourful. Other than that…



Hubby loves the black or white coffee but I’d be like an Energizer bunny if I take coffee that I just sip warm water.


Are you a fan of Old Town White Coffee? Don’t you think half-boiled eggs on toast make a lovely breakfast?

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