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Music Lessons? (音乐课 yīnyuè kè)

Are you thinking of setting up a home business?

Offering music lessons to kids is a wonderful business to consider because you’ll have clients from Grade 1 till Grade 8.

If you can teach one child, you can teach their siblings too!

Violin or piano?

My son has been asking me to sign him up for piano lessons again since he stopped after a few attempts last year.

Both of our kids love music and dancing so much I know that we will sign them up for some music lessons.

We visited a music school in one of the apartments here and let him try out the piano, especially as he could practise at the music teacher’s home 🙂

In the end, we decided to try out the violin because he could practise that at home.

Piano, guitar or drums?

I brought my toddler along whenever I dropped my son off at his violin class. She was fascinated by the piano that the violin teacher used to show him the different pitches or tones?

In fact, she went to the piano and immediately tried to play it.

The violin teacher was amused and played a few songs – she danced and clapped her hands in tune with the music. The violin teacher said that she’s very musical.

My son? Well, she said music lessons will be good for him.

Of all the musical instruments, it looks like piano lessons provide a good background.

I know that he’s interested in playing the guitar. Plus, the drums, of course!

However, he’s not averse to the piano and his teacher finds that he’s a dedicated student.

Wish us luck!