Fire Dragon Fruit is huǒ lóng guǒ (火龙果)

I am glad that we can find dragon fruit, or in Chinese, “fire dragon fruit” (火龙果) in the markets here.

The fruit comes from Vietnam or yuè nán (越南) but so far, I have only managed to find the white variety.

To get the red variety, which is juicier and sweeter, I will need to walk further a bit to a “specialist” fruit store.

Regardless of white or red, the kids love it and I am happy to fulfill their fruit requirements for the day 😀

The “fire dragon fruit” is very juicy and is great as a natural food colouring – don’t be surprised by deep red colour in your pee when you take the reddish type.

It also contains tiny, black seeds, which is great for regular bowel movements but one of my friends, whose relative is a gastroenterologist advised me to not to take it too often. Seems that the tiny seeds stay in your gut!

Do you like 火龙果 too?