Eat Locally Grown or Raised Foods

This is the *EASIEST* part of the “The Real Food Challenge” 😀

Eat at least 1 locally grown or raised food at each meal. This includes, but is not limited to: fruits, vegetables, eggs, grains, nuts, meats, and sweeteners like honey.

We are in China – what else are we going to eat but Chinese food? Furthermore, China is now the world’s factory, everything is made in China!

Let’s see:

a) fruits – all fruits in China except for grapes (US), dragon fruit (Viet Nam) and once in a blue moon, kiwifruit (Australia);

b) vegetables – ALL from China.

c) eggs – ditto. Who on earth eats imported eggs? Would they even be fresh?

d) grains – rice is definitely from China; breakfast cereal is not.

e) nuts – also from China! In fact, we get raw almonds and walnuts here, which are nice and crunchy. I saw pistachios too but suspect they are imported from somewhere else and didn’t buy them.

f) meats – definitely from China because this country has a stronghold on most of its industry. Ooh, I once bought a SUPER expensive pack of frankfurters from the US, which turned out to be extremely SALTY. Will blog about that later…

g) sweeteners – I don’t really use any in my cooking but the kids eat jam with bread and French toast (St. Dalfour), honey (China!!!) and I use brown sugar (China!!!) in the minimal baking that I do.

This is such a joke. Or maybe it’s because it’s already 12.22 am. Goooooooood night!

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