Stir Fried Squid

Squid (yóuyú鱿鱼) with Red and Green Bell Peppers (tiánjiāo甜椒[)

One day, the Auntie followed me to the market. I saw some squid (鱿鱼, yóuyú) on sale and thought: “Mmm…it’s been ages since we’ve cooked squid.”

Remember my stir-fried curry squid? It’s been that long.

Thankfully, the ayi said that she knew how to cook squid. Phew, relief!!!

I left her at it and she surprised me with this:

Nice, right? Even the kids love it because the squid is tender.

Anyway, she told me that she first scalded the squid.

Then, she stir fried the capsicum / bell peppers (甜椒, tiánjiāo) vegetables and added the squid.

I think there is some garlic in there.


I’m saving this on my blog in case I need a squid recipe one day.

The kids are a bit tired of it now as they have been having it almost every week.

I’m desperate for a fish recipe actually – who has the easiest and tastiest sweet and sour fish without vinegar or sugar???

Please, please share. A million thanks!!!

~ The Desperate Housewife ~

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  • I love squids and capsicums, but not my kids sigh…

    I don’t know if you can make sweet & sour sauce without sugar… my simplified version is made with tomato sauce, lemon juice, and organic sugar! easy peasy. try substituting sugar with honey… might work :-).

  • Kit Link

    Boey Joey – Thanks for the suggestion but I am trying really hard to avoid sugar and sweet stuff in my cooking. Sigh, will keep looking. Maybe I can’t cook sweet and sour fish…