Mak Nyonya Fish Curry

When a Malaysian, Singaporean or Indonesian crave a curry, we often turn to instant sauce packs because all you need is to add the fresh ingredients like fish or vegetables.

One night, I was craving Nyonya fish curry so I rummaged through my stash and found Mak Nyonya Perencah Kari Ikan Segera (Instant Fish Curry Sauce)


  1. Slice fresh okra, which is important for any fish curry

2. Fresh vegetables like okra, brinjal (aubergine) and tomato are added to the paste.

3. Sting ray was the only fresh seafood in my fridge >_<  I seasoned it with some turmeric powder coz it’s my first time cooking sting ray!

4. Voila! Kari ikan Mak Nyonya 🙂

The gravy should be thick – I think I added too much water since the tomatoes would produce liquid. Next time, use less water ok 😉

Mak Nyonya’s Perencah Kari Ikan segera contains onion, lemongrass, chilli, spice (?), ginger, sugar, salt and edible oil.