Thank you, Teacher (xièxiè lǎoshī 谢谢老师)

My students have just finished a series of fascinating presentations where they shared with me Chinese food, customs and practices. We had so much fun!

Although they were reluctant to focus on this topic initially, they were glad they did it because my curiosity and questions made them appreciate their traditional culture.

Besides an introduction to Chinese customs and Chinese folklore, my students also shared with me some Chinese recipes.

Explaining the recipes in English were too difficult for them that they begged me to allow them to speak in Chinese! Since it was after class hours, I relented and whooooosh, they rattled off the ingredients and procedures at super sonic speeds that I had to tell them to “Slow down, slow down…”

They were so excited that they forgot I don’t speak Chinese 😀 Sigh, I will miss them…

A few of them surprised me with beautiful hand made gifts made from paper, wood and other materials (which unfortunately did not survive the CROWDED bus ride home).

Two groups also presented me with a beautiful paper collage and a bouquet of flowers – this Tiger mother nearly teared up! So sweet…

Final exams are coming up and all of them are very, very nervous. I have been receiving non-stop text messages peppering me with question after question!!!

When we reviewed the term’s lessons, we realized how much we have grown – they have changed from shy, quiet and scared freshmen into confident and chatty sophomores.

Me? I am surprised at how much I enjoy teaching again 😀

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  • It is great to be in such a noble profession. I too will never forget a few of my teachers.

  • Kit Link

    Paik Ling – I love it 🙂