Master Chef

If you’ve been reading my blog since last week, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with making my own yogurt.

I had little success using the yogurt on sale in the supermarket here and I had no luck “importing” any since online retailers can’t export the live cultures overseas.

Then, Hubby thought of looking for fresh yogurt on sale at the restaurants here. So…we went for Indian food one night and voila, “home made yogurt” is on the menu!

Luck was on our side coz it was a slow day and the Chef took our orders. He is such a nice CHINESE man and he recommended various dishes for us to try.

I asked him if I could pack the yogurt home and he said, “Do you want to make your own yogurt?”

It took me a lot of self-control NOT to yell “YES!!!”.

Oh my God, I was like CRAZY when he asked me that million dollar question 😀 How did he know that I wanted to make my own yogurt???


This perfect gentleman (shēnshì 绅士):

a) brought us into the kitchen,

b) took out his vat of yogurt from the kitchen freezer,

c) showed me the EXACT ratio of milk:yogurt to mix and

d) taught me step-by-step how to make the yogurt in winter and in summer.

I know I was spellbound and I believe my little boy was too.

The next time we were at the restaurant with a Thermos, he knew what I wanted and filled the Thermos to the brim 😀

Later, I met a gentleman from India who also told me HOW to make the yogurt, gave me his business card said that I could email him if the yogurt doesn’t turn out right. He would ask his wife to email me back LOL

Everyday “heroes” like this Chinese man and these Chinese women are what make life wonderful, don’t you think?

More importantly, these 3 beautiful people make the 100s of yobbos out there bearable.

“A little can make a a lot of difference 😀

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  • Chew Lee Link

    can share share recipe on how to make yogurt?? Dont you need live bac?

    Sometimes, you just meet nice people where you least expected.

  • Kitty Link

    Chew Lee – The recipe is similar to all the links above. All you need is 1-2 tbs plain yogurt. Just made my first batch today:

    1. 2 tbs plain yogurt in warm milk. I used goat’s milk :S
    2. Put the mixture in thermos to maintain temperature
    3. Leave on fridge for 12 hours.

    I got yogurt but it smells sour. I’ve put it in the fridge and and will check if it’s OK tomorrow.

    If not, got to run back to the Chinese chef for help!!!!

  • BoeyJoey Link

    I’ve received a yogurt maker sometime back, and I understand there are pre-packed flavoured yoghurt instant mixes selling in Watson/ Guardian. Why not try your luck looking for these when you’re back in Malaysia? 🙂

  • Kitty Link

    Boey Joey – Ya, I’ve heard of these yogurt makers but I don’t like the idea of using pre-packs. Quite mah-fun, you know…thanks anyway ya.