Please remember my name! (jìde wǒ de míngzì ma? 记得我的名字吗?

Chinese names are really difficult to remember especially those I can associate little meaning to.

While some of the more creative Chinese parents give their kids unique names to help the child stand out from the common Chinese names, I actually find these unique names even more difficult to remember.

In the end, I remember the simple Chinese names associated with everyday items e.g. Hong Da, Wang Shan, Mei Ling, Ling Ling, Jing Jing, Xin Xin, Jing Jing and the like.

I feel quite sorry for my students when some of the cute Chinese girls come up to me, pout and say, “You don’t remember my name?” while I wrinkle my forehead and rack my banana brain for its storage of 100 or so Chinese characters…

If my CPU works well that morning / afternoon / evening and I can correctly retrieve the right combination of Chinese characters, my students smile, get really excited, show the “Victory” signs or worse, pounce on me with a bear hug.

Ugh, I’m so not the “huggy Bear” type LOL

Woe betide me if I CANNOT remember their names!!!

Some female students will pout, whine and even stamp their feet O_O

Yes, their girlish tantrums can match those of my toddler that I have to quickly appease them by saying I’ll remember their names the next time. Yikes, a promise I may not be able to keep…

I wish that I had name plaques for each student. That way, I can avoid such dramas in class…