A Happy Childhood (kuàilè de tóngnián 快乐的童年)

Recently, I had a great time reminiscing about my childhood with my students.

I grew up surrounded by many uncles, aunties, cousins and friends from around the neighbourhood.

I spent a lot of time outdoors

  • running up and down “hills”,
  • playing in little streams,
  • making and flying kites (oh yeah, something like the kids in “The Tiny Kite of Eddie Wing“,
  • climbing up trees (not very successful since I fell off the roof once! Of course, I never climbed trees after that), playing on swings,
  • riding on my bike or
  • simply hanging out at a grassy playground.

I even had roller-skates even though I wasn’t very good on them :P

Sigh, what wonderful days they were!

My kids?

I think they watch too much TV.

I think they have too many toys.

I think that they are growing up too fast because my son knows he wants an iPhone and an iPad! (Thank God he still likes to read old-fashioned books.)

He’s getting more and more sophisticated that he makes mature observations and comments on his surroundings. He’s only in kindergarten!

Is it just me or are our kids growing up a bit too fast?

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