I want to lose weight! (我要减肥!)

fat_1719877cYou’d hardly hear any young Chinese girls say, “我要减肥!” (wǒ yào jiǎn féi) because most of them are really slim!

Even if they say it, they don’t really mean it because many of my slim colleagues eat a lot more than me. I probably only take a small cup of rice but they take a HUGE bowl of rice, a big chunk of meat, three servings of vegetables and a bowl of soup.


Seriously, their dress sizes are all one size smaller than ours e.g. XL = L, L = M, M = S, S = XS.

However, I’ve noticed quite a number of overweight and obese Chinese students walking around campus.

Understandably, they are all dressed in American brands of clothing because they won’t be able to find any local Chinese brands that fit them!

Although I wouldn’t encourage any young girl to go on a diet, I WOULD advise some of these obese or overweight girls to go on a sensible diet + exercise.


I had lunch at McDonald’s one day and I ordered a McValue meal of a Big Mac, a regular fries and a glass of orange juice.

I’d just finished my burger when a really, really overweight girl sat down on the booth next to me.  I weigh about 56 kg and the heaviest I’ve ever been (not pregnant) was 70 kg but I’m guessing that she’s about 80-85 kg.

What was she eating?

A Big Mac McValue meal just like me but she’d ordered a large fries, TWO apple pies and TWO yam / taro pies!

Oh my God, thinking of all the sugar and fat she’s eating made me slightly dizzy…

I wanted to tell her that she only needed the McValue meal and that she should drink more water, continue with her walking and STOP the 4 pie snacking.

That’s how I lost weight when I was a teenager – 3 meals a day, light snacks and lots and lots and lots of walking or other fun exercise like this dancing video game (that I would love to try!).

Yup, I did not take any diet pills because I hate drugs.