Happy Go Lucky

If you are always happy, smiling and joking around, people think that you are a happy-go-lucky person. That means that you’re the

type of person who did not have a care or worry in the world.

Actually, that’s not true.

Many “happy-go-lucky” people actually suffer from loneliness and depression. In front of family and friends, they seem to be as happy
as a lark when in fact, life for them is not as perfect as it appears to be.

Because they’re always appear happy and smiling in front of everyone they know, it’s quite hard to know if the happy-go-lucky person is having problems unless they share them with a family member or close friend.

And because most people tend to give attention to people who complain, moan or whine about their health and problems, happy-go-lucky people lack the attention, love and care that they desperately need.

What happens then?

In some cases, they turn to alcohol, drugs or smoking as a way to escape their problems in life. I’m sure we all know of celebrities or family and friends who have shocked people with their untimely deaths.

In most cases, people would say, “But he / she looked so happy! She was bright. She was beautiful. She was popular. Life was so good.”

Yeah, on the outside.

For all you know, that person has only a few good friends and people would be surprised to hear that they don’t actually go partying all
weekend as they appear to be. In fact, I know many quiet people who have richer social lives than happy-go-lucky people.

To get rid of depression, some people take hard, illegal drugs like heroin. However, they are unaware of how addictive heroin can be.

If you know of someone who has a heroin addiction, the best place for them to be are heroin detox rehab treatment centers because it’s nearly impossible for them to shake off the drug addiction on their own.
they need help.

Don’t wait a moment. Don’t wait until that person becomes another River Phoenix. Or

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