With a bit of rock music…

2 March, 2012

Everything’s fine.

That’s my favourite line from “Mamma Mia!”

I love music and if I’m having a miserable day, blasting a bit of rock music usually lifts up my mood.

The kids love music too and sometimes, I play some of my favourite songs during the time before dinner  and just watch them dance and jump to the music LOL

The brother would perform some of his favourite dance routines from school while the sister would dance and shake to the music – she’s *very* musical so I’ll definitely sign her up for piano and dance classes when she’s bigger.

From my lack of updates, you can probably guess that my dreams of raising a male Vanessa Mae have not bore fruit.

Yes, I’m a bit disappointed that he’s chosen an art class over the music class (and asked for drum classes!!!) but I think it’s mostly due to a language problem. He loves it when I play him a bit of music on the piano…

So, not all hope is lost.

One day, I look forward to all of us making music together one day :)

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