That Thing You Do!

Every time my son asks for drums when I talk about the piano or the violin, I’m reminded of the Tom Hanks movie “That Thing You Do!” featuring the super cute Tom Everett Scott as the drummer, Guy Patterson.

We don’t have the movie in our collection here but I’m sure my son will be even more convinced about playing drums after he watches the movie since Guy Patterson is quite the cool drummer in the movie.

The movie is about a “one-hit” wonder group called “The Wonders” (initially called “The Oneders” until someone pronounced it as “oh-nee-ders” LOL).

Guy Patterson gives the band the extra “oomph” they need and manager, Tom Hanks, asks him to don a pair of sunglasses to pump up the cool factor.

For all that cool, I liked the Guy Patterson character simply because he was a nice guy.

He liked to play music, he liked being in his band and he also thought that a nice girl like the one played Liv Tyler definitely didn’t deserve the goon of a boyfriend that the lead singer is.

I don’t recall Tom Everett Scott acting in any other movie but if does, you’d be sure I’ll look out for it.

He was very boyish in “That Thing You Do!” but now, he’s a handsome hunk with a smouldering gaze 😉

I bet he’d look great playing a set of Simmons Drums.

Does this mean I’ll sign the boy up for drum lessons?

We’ll see, we’ll see.

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