Happy Valentine’s Day! (qíng rén jié 情人节)

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How was your Valentine’s Day?

If you got a box of chocolates, I don’t want to talk to you.

If you got a box of chocolates + a bunch of roses, I DEFINITELY do not want to know you.

If you got a box of chocolates + a bunch of roses + a romantic candlelight dinner, we are sworn enemies because I am insanely jealous of you!!!

What did I get for Valentine’s Day?

Scroll down below….

Yup, I got an open-faced sausage and cheese sandwich on Valentine’s Day morning!

How romantic is that???

When the Hubs handed me the sandwich, I was like:

“Wow…what a HUGE sausage! You’re telling me something here?”

To his credit, I was scrambling around getting ready for work at 6 am while getting all the fresh groceries ready for the helper and since the dear Hubby didn’t want his wife to get a repeat episode of gastritis, he made me breakfast :)

While I grumbled about how I would have liked something more feminine and ROMANTIC, he replied that what matters is that he takes care of me 365 days a year and not just on Valentine’s Day.

Yeah, I know that and I do appreciate all that he’s doing as a husband and a father but sigh, couldn’t I have a dash of romance too?

After all, we never did get to go for the dinner and the dance

2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day! (qíng rén jié 情人节)

  1. hahaha .. we can be best friends.. actually, I don’t want to talk to you, because I didn’t get anything on Vday, not even a homey breakfast done by hubs …

    No matter how realistic and practical we are, we still need a dash of romance from time to time ..

  2. Chew Lee – Aww…hugs from me but I don’t think you need to worry coz you’d probably get a lovely holiday soon 😉