Do you like Avril Lavigne?

Many of my female students sport a trucker cap and over-sized glasses (fake ones with no glass) look, which one of my favourite singers, Avril Lavigne, is famous for:

Whenever I see them with this look, I’d ask,

“So…you like Avril Lavigne?”

And they blink.

I repeat, “You know Avril Lavigne? Sk8er Boi? I’m With You…?”

Blink. Big stares.

Oh boy. These girls are just dressing up like Avril Lavigne without even knowing who she is! To them, it’s just fashion.

If you’re blur about this too, here are some of Avril’s best songs on MP3:

1. *The Latest* – Goodbye Lullaby (sounds a bit Bjork-y to me but full of feeling in typical Avril style. Beautiful string section…)

2. “Sk8er Boi” – cute song about young lovers

3. “Losing Grip” – song about an ex-boyfriend.

4. “Complicated” – the first single that shot her to stardom – one of my favourite songs for cleaning up LOL

5. “My Happy Ending” – *LOVE* this song!!!

6. “Keep Holding On” – my all-time favourite even though she just repeats the title ;-)

7. “I’m With You” – definitely my favourite ballad from Avril – wish I can hit such high notes!

8. “When You’re Gone” – another favourite ballad

9. “I Miss You / Slipped Away” – song in memory of her Grandpa, who died when she was on tour in Dublin, Ireland. Really sad.

9. “The Best Damn Thing

I wonder if any of my students will read this blog and find out that Avril Lavigne loves trucker hats and that she’s Canadian, NOT American? That’d be interesting.

And I think they’d like it too that one of Avril believes in this:

“Why should I care what other people think of me? I am who I am. And who I wanna be.”

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