Apple or pear? (píngguǒ háishi lí)

I was shopping for fruits one day when I came across this strange looking species of apples.

Check it out – these apples were not red or green – they were “white”.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of a green apple and the “white” apple side by side. Also, I was trying to be artistic here 😉

Here’s what the sliced “white” apple looks like:

Taste wise, the “white” apple is a bit bland and does have the slightly tart taste that green apples have. You can guess by now that the kids DO NOT like these apples.

Anyway, I buy these bland “white” apples sometimes since I’m cutting down on sugar – wish that they taste a bit better…

FYI, I need to eat green apples because they are not as sweet as red apples but boy, do they cost a bomb! Because these are Granny Smiths from the US, they cost about 6x the price of China Fuji apples.