How to Travel with a Toddler

During a recent trip, we were in transit at Hong Kong airport for about 12 hours.

We hurried out of the airport with the idea of doing some shopping until reality hits – how can ANYONE shop with two little kids?

Seriously, we only managed to check out shoe shops and even so, we had to quickly try on the shoes before both kids knocked down towers of shoe boxes or messed up the shoes on display!

We saw some nice shoes at Clarks and Timberland but then they were all out of our sizes. Sigh.

We had the stroller with us but my 2 year old is now in that “clingy” stage because she’d whine “Mi (mummy)! Ree (carry)! Ree! Mi – ree! (Mummy, carry!)”, which sounded very similar to my son when we visited Disneyland Hong Kong when he was 2 and a half years old.

Of course, she didn’t want her dad either. Neither did she want the stroller.

Luckily, I had the mother’s instinct (hehehe) to pack the Manduca Baby Carrier. I had thought of it at the last minute! Now that I tried it out with a toddler, I feel that the Manduca Baby Carrier is best for babies and 1 year olds. You can read my review here.

manduca Baby Carrier XT (Pink/Rose) Baby Carrier for 3.5 to 20 kg

Interestingly, the tot seems to have sweet memories of the baby carrier because she stopped fussing and whining when she saw the bright RED baby carrier.


Anyway, she’s about 11-12 kg now but the straps were sturdy and she felt safe and secure. Her legs are longer now – I don’t think she was that comfortable.

Aww…don’t you just love the tiny hand holding Mommy? So cute.

I love carrying babywearing her in front because I could pause and sniff at that delicious baby smell when I liked πŸ˜€

She was in a pocket/sarong sling since she was 2 months old and I carried her the most in the Connecta Integra…

Now that she’s walking, I hardly use the Manduca and it took me a while to adjust the straps before carrying her on my back. I wanted a photo of her on my back but Hubby refused to oblige πŸ˜›

Since she was happy munching a dinner roll in the Manduca baby carrier, that left my hands free to push the boy in the stroller while Hubby handled the luggage.

I could even look through some magazines at the bookstore LOL

Soon, I felt her body weight and guessed that she had fallen asleep.

I asked Hubby to pull the sleep hood over her head but he said that it was too short o_O

Looking at the photo now, I think the sleep hood could still be used – Hubby just didn’t know HOW to.

Since I didn’t want her head to flop backwards and neither did I want to keep my back bent for her to lean, I decided to switch her to a front carry.

Babywearing at the airport now gives me the confidence to travel with the kids. Will I get another baby carrier for toddlers? We’ll see.

*Updated* I got a Boba 3G baby carrier for the toddler!

Read about it here.

Happy babywearing!

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  • I only used once or twice Mothercare baby carrier (it’s a gift from relative) when marvel was under 1years old. maybe I’m not used to it so it feels not so comfortable and confident. but love to use it again for next opportunity πŸ™‚
    and i’m suck using sarong sling too,haha to paranoid that i might drop my baby if I don’t hold him with my own hands :p

  • Chin Link

    yaloh.. bb wearing really makes travelling convenient. i regretted not getting one. Was at Langkawi cable car during cny. so difficult to move around carrying my bb.

  • Lilis – I have a Mothercare baby carrier too, which I used with my son but he outgrew it fast. It’s very user-friendly but I forgot all about it when I had my baby girl that I ended up using the sarong sling.

    No worries about missing the boat – I had two baby carriers but didn’t have much chance to use them with my son. Then again, I don’t think I could have worn him too much coz he was quite heavy.

    My daughter is way smaller than he is so it’s fun to carry her πŸ™‚ You can wait for your next chance, ok? Do surf online for videos on how to wear a sarong sling – there are lots on YouTube, I’m sure!

    Chin – I’m a huge babywearing fan esp since I find it so easy to manage 2 kids when we go around. My eldest will sometimes get tired and demand to ride in the stroller. Having a baby carrier helps a lot then πŸ˜€

    Not too late for you to get one if baby is still small πŸ˜‰

  • etceteramommy Link

    Are you planning to get a toddler carrier? My DS2 is 13kg and im thinking of getting a carrier which is more friendly for mommy and child. Any good recommendation? πŸ™‚

  • etceteramommy – Sigh…I wish I was back home coz then I’d be able to try out various baby/toddler carriers.

    I’m afraid I can’t help you here but will definitely let you know if I chance upon one, ok?

  • I have a kuli to carry the kiddos … πŸ™‚ baby wearing is great for baby below 1 year. I used the pocket sling a lot…

  • Chew Lee – Our dear “porter” has to handle the bags or hold one super active fella’s hand. Sometimes, the boy wants to hold Mommy’s hand too!

    I wanted to get the pocket sling too but it had to be a certain size, which was risky since I was really FAT after the baby was born but have now gone back to pre-pregnancy weight. Knowing my yo-yo weight pattern, I tend to go for the “one size” types πŸ˜‰

  • We always have a sling (or two) of some sort when we travel. Especially useful when the kids are too sleepy to walk when getting on and off an airplane. The hubs likes our custom Connecta as it’s very easy to use but I prefer my Babyhawk….looks fiddly but very comfy and easy to use.


  • Kit Link

    Melina – I loved the Connecta too since I carried her the longest in it. I WAS eyeing the BabyHawk too but forget now why I didn’t go for it and went for the Manduca instead. Must dig out my research again LOL