New Year, New Look

Now that I’ve lost a bit of weight and putting in some time at the gym, I’ve been able to fit into my M / L sized clothes again :D

During Chinese New Year, my father-in-law and uncle-in-law paid me the nicest compliments:

“Nice to see you again. You look the same – young and beautiful.”

“You look really nice now that you’ve lost your tummy (hey, I’d just had a baby!) and can wear beautiful clothes again.”

Mind you, these gentlemen are in their 60s so I’m guessing that:

a) they couldn’t see my jelly belly because I’m careful to choose longish tops that do not emphasize the tummy area ;-) and

b) they are comparing me with their 50+ and 60 year old wives. It’s OK, I’ll take any compliments while they are still coming my way hahaha

Here’s one look I’d love to try ONE fine day:

I’ve still got a bit of a backache but thankfully, it’s not affected my ability to wear high heels. Heels? Check.

Short, black, lacy dress? No problem :D

Black, cropped jacket? Should be an easy find.

Wavy curls? Yawnnnnn…I’ve got naturally wavy hair anyway. It’s big, bouncy curls I’d love to have hehehe

Just got to practise the eye make-up though.

My current  job does not allow me to rock this look but hey, who knows one day I might be able to go back into my favourite industry and yup, little black dresses and high heels would rule once again!