Christmas at Grandpa’s

Christmas means a lot to me because I’ve got a strong tradition of celebrating it with my family.

Growing up, my Mum and I did not live with my Dad. Due to this, I loved Christmas because it meant that we’d be reunited with my Dad who was putting up at my Grandpa’s house. And boy, was Christmas fun!

Not only did I enjoy the bus trip there, I also loved the early morning breakfast I’d have with my father. Mmm…somehow I can’t recall my elder sister’s presence there. She must have been there, I’m sure ;-)

Anyways, my father would order a roti canai for me and sprinkle sugar on top of it. Then, he’d pour out the teh tarik onto a saucer to cool it down. Yum…it was such a delicious breakfast at 5 am in the morning!!!

Then, we’d take the bus back to my Grandpa’s house and sleep until 9 – 10 am. Some of my cousins lived at my grandpa’s house while some of them are in KL.

Christmas was such a big, noisy family gathering when everyone arrived. All the men would gather around smoking, drinking and playing cards while the women would be busy in the kitchen.

The kids? We were too busy playing around the house – hide and seek, galah panjang, riding on the swing, dancing, gossiping and God knows what other crazy stuff we did. Sigh, the good old days…

Since I was a bit younger and NOT as crazy as the others, I’d spend some time chatting with my Grandpa. Somehow, I get along really well with older folks – I enjoyed listening to my father chat with his father.

Every year, my father would buy some Guinness Stout and a box of cigars for my Grandpa. And every year, they’d drink the Guinness together but my Grandpa would stow away the box of cigars, saying that they are too expensive for him to smoke. He’d smoke his cheap cigars while these boxes piled up!

We’d then have lunch and continue with our mindless activities. After dinner, my uncles and older cousins would set up the living room with some festive lights (we even had a disco ball one year) and we’d dance the night away :D

My childhood Christmas is such a fun and festive one, I wonder if I can create such fond memories for my kids too?


  1. of course you can, you can start the tradition now. The most important part is the kids are having fun. We had a really busy Dec, from visiting Christmas markets, visit from St Nikolaus, breakfast with Santa, our yearly mountain retreat and piles of presents waiting under the tree!!

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