1. Paik Ling

    Thanks for the education. Like you, I only buy and cook a handful of vegetables ie those that I am familiar with. I personally love to consume leafy green veg as opposed to stem vegetables such as brocolli and cauliflower.

  2. Kit

    A Mom’s Diary – Thanks for the tip. I’ve never really liked “choy keok” as it looks messy and it’s a bit sour, right? Ha, I’m such a fussy eater…

    Paik Ling – Same here! I like leafy green veggies too and try to include one in the menu every day, if possible.

  3. Jie-cai (芥菜, Mustard Leaf) is mostly used to cook what we Cantonese call “choy keok” – you know, the one pot dish where you dump all leftover meat/vegetable/mushroom from CNY feast/wedding dinner and boil them with dry chillies and tamarind skin to make a spicy and sourish dish. It’s yummy like that but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten it as a stir fry dish.

    Watercress is only available in winter meh? I think we get it all year round in Malaysia wor, unless the Chinese one is of a different variety?

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