REVIEW: Froggy Boots Go With Everything

If you’re looking for a book to get a little boy for Christmas, check out Froggy Boots Go WIth Everything, by Jill Zabkar Martin and Kirsten Gaede van Mourick, which is about a boy who wears a pair of froggy boots for EVERYTHING! 😀

An ideal childhood…

Yup, this kid wears a pair of froggy boots to:
– play in the rain
– wade in his plastic pool
– a car play date with another boy
– sell lemonade
– play sand
– plant a flower, run in the fields, even while he’s “hanging” out at the playground with a little girl, who’s in her own cute pair of ladybug boots 😉


The only time he takes off those boots is when he’s taking a bath. Phew!

We had a lot of fun reading the book aloud especially since the boy can read a lot of words on his own now. His little sister was happy to listen quietly as she sucks on her thumb but she perked up and started pointing when she saw the girl in the ladybug boots. Yes, my little shopaholic knows it when she sees a pair of cute shoes.

Lovely pictures

I really like the illustrations, which looked like they were colour pencils and ink – a fresh new change since we’ve been looking at bold paints in most children’s books. Kirsten Gaede van Mourick has done a great job showing all the action and facial expressions typical of an active little boy when he’s busy at play.

Unlike the usual children books that aim to teach a basic concept like the ABCs, numbers, colours and etc, Froggy Boots Go WIth Everything focuses on all the good times a little boy can have with his toys or household items.

Using simple sentences and rhyme, Jill Zabkar Martin cleverly shows us 15 fun activities a little boy can do to fill his day and none of them involve watching a TV or an iPad 😀

Kids will also enjoy identifying similar play times they have at home. For example e.g. our little boy would point out,

“Do you know what he’s doing, Mummy? He is an alien! Now, he is a cowboy. Now, he is a pirate. He’s Bob the Builder too. He likes to play sand too.” and etc.

“Can you find…”

At the end of the book, we found a “Can you find…” activity where the child is asked to identify objects within the book.

I thought that this activity was a helpful addition because he learned some new English words and we could also avoid any minor arguments in the case when I used one word while he thought of another word. Our little girl joined in the fun of identifying the familiar objects too 😀

If you’d like to share your childhood memories of a little boy
– riding like a cowboy on the range
– having fun with paints
– playing with sand,
– gardening,
– visiting the zoo and
– running around in wild fields
then you should get a copy of Froggy Boots Go WIth Everything.