1. Super mum! I hope to tap on your recipes and menu too :) I too need to plan but only for the tots for both lunch and dinner, and for the family on weekends.

  2. I have it easier – weekdays the girls eat both lunch and dinner at the babysitter, and we cater dinner for me and hubby from babysitter too. And on weekends, we eat out most of the time :-)

  3. Paik Ling – Aiyo, I don’t think you’ll find much inspiration from me because the maid can’t cook. I tried to teach her a simple stir fried pork in dark soy sauce and it come out totally different. I feel that she’s disinterested and simply wants us to accept her style of cooking. So frustrating…

    A Mom’s Diary – I’m sure you know that you are truly blessed, right? Your babysitter sounds like an angel on earth! Can’t tell you how much I miss the previous maid but now that she’s got 2 kids, she definitely can’t come back to our home.

    Hubby is also helping with the menu planning and we’re aiming to try a new restaurant every weekend. The kids definitely love it :D

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