Learning English in China

Sometimes, during my lunch break, I’ll flip through the various English newspapers and magazines available.

Some of these magazines are quite interesting because they introduce the English language to Chinese teenagers in entertaining articles.

However, some of these magazines also teach the wrong English!!!

Here’s an example:

Thunder and lightening???

Seriously, honey?

Before I started chortling over my rice and vegetables, I’d read the article once and then again, thinking the writer was trying some word play or trying to be pun-ny. Nope. It’s definitely a typo!

Lightning = 闪电 shǎn diàn

Lightening = 照亮 zhào liàng

The mainland Chinese subscribe to many of these “English” magazines and newspapers, you’ll be busy helping them with correct English grammar.

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  • Chew Lee Link

    have to blame the editor lo … I didn’t see the mistake until I saw the chinese translation… 😉

  • Kit Link

    Chew Lee – Can you imagine seeing the SAME misspelling on almost 200 student papers? That’s why I’m so mad.