Single Ladies – Beyoncé and Liza Minelli

I am burning the midnight oil and nope, not from reading a favourite book but from marking piles and piles and piles of students’ papers. Ugh.

If you’re an English teacher like me, you’ll understand the need for upbeat music while I read through the papers because the chances of reading interesting, insightful and grammatically correct English paper is usually a 5-10% chance.

I hope I don’t sound harsh but really, I’d give anything to have ALL my students write excellent papers. Honestly. I would. I think most English teachers feel the same way.

Anyway, now that I have an MP3 player, I’d downloaded a number of songs we’d all enjoy and one of our favourites is Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies”, which has a fantastic music video:

I wonder how many hours of practice it took Beyoncé and her back-up dancers to perfect those moves? It’s poetry in motion. I really have to hand it to Beyoncé and her back-up dancers – they were perfectly in sync with each other – brilliant!

Not only is the song catchy, the choreography was interesting too. It’s quite an artistic music video because Beyoncé and her dancers would stop and strike cool poses in between the sequences.

I can only imagine the pressure Beyoncé and her dancers may have been under because the spotlight glare shone brightly on them on and off throughout the video. Their moving bodies contrasted deeply against a stark, white canvas – any single mistake will be caught, especially in such a fast song.

Thankfully, Beyoncé gave us a playful smile and a breathe out at the end of the song – she was having fun 😀

I’d actually heard the song first in the movie “Sex and the City 2″, which is actually one of the kids’ favourite movies just because of Liza Minelli’s dance performance.

However, I’ve taken this movie off our “movie night” list because my son can rattle off titles quite well now AND read simple words. I definitely don’t want him blabbing to the folks around us that “Sex and the City 2″ is one of his favourite movie LOL

Here’s Liza Minelli doing a cover version of the song:

Some people who’ve seen the movie (or the music video) have been quite harsh on the Broadway actor but come on, how many of us can look and dance like she can when we’re 65 years old?

She was amazing and I was shocked to hear that this Broadway star was 65 years old when she performed it.

I thought that her own interpretation of Beyoncé’s song was unique – it suited the scene in the movie i.e. Stanford’s (Carrie’s gay best friend) and Anthony’s (Charlotte’s wedding planner) gay wedding where Anthony is freaking out / b*tching about a lot of minor details but he relaxes when Liza Minelli starts shaking.

And she does it with a lot of style as befitting a New York wedding because her moves, although not as technically complicated as Beyoncé’s are sleek and stylish. Hey, she got the 3 of us dancing and shaking to the song and Hubby asking, “What song is this?”

I also loved the sequinned smocks she and her back-up dancers wore: very Liza Minelli, very cool and definitely, very New York 😀

Okay…back to the books. Good night!

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