Burger King or hàn bǎo wáng (汉堡 王) in China

Once in a while, I need to get myself a hamburger fix and that’s when I head for Burger King or hàn bǎo wáng (汉堡 王), which literally means “hambuger king”. Remember to say this to the taxi driver instead of “Burger King! Burger King, don’t you know Bur-ger King?” (This silly banana did that).

Among the various fast food outlets in China i.e. KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s, I find the burgers in Burger King the tastiest and the closest to a real western hamburger. McDonald’s? Please. Cardboard tastes better.

Seriously. We only go to McDonald’s when we’re desperate. The kids don’t like anything either the fries in McDonald’s. And of course, the pathetic Happy Meals toys.

Anyway, let me show you the Whopper that you’d get in China:

Quite a juicy hamburger, right? 😉

Once, I ordered the one with 2 strips of bacon in thinking that it might be a real treat but ooh, it was too salty! I’m happy with just the regular Whopper. And the salad and fries. Since I’m not a Coke fan, I’d switch the drink to iced lemon tea (or “bing shuang cha”).

Here’s a Burger King meal for one person. It’s easy to order because they’ve got menus with photos. Anyhow, the Chinese staff are happy if you speak English with them as one or two of them CAN speak in English:

The kids *love* the onion rings and we’ll split the salad almost equally among the four of us. The boy will eat the carrot sticks, the girl will eat the cherry tomatoes while Hubby and I will divvy up the lettuce leaves and what’s left between the two of us.

That’s another thing I like about Burger King – they serve salads! And because their burgers are real hamburgers, the Whopper is priced slightly higher than the Big Mac.

Furthermore, Burger King is cleaner, less crowded, better music and the staff are also friendlier. Sometimes, they play re-runs of their Burger King TV ads, which keep the kids entertained while we tuck in 😀

Burger King also has great washroom facilities – almost as good as McDonald’s! Hahaha, now that you know how much we like Burger King, I should post about McDonald’s next, right? Coming up next!

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    I prefer BK to McD too, that is until I discovered Wendy’s. Their beef burger is sooooo good, and fried chicken too – better than KFC in fact. Try it the next time you’re back.

  • I *love* Wendy’s! Grew up eating on their burgers until we moved to our little “kampung” up north 😉

  • ha.. i actually prefer McD wo.. the fries in McD is the best among all fast food joints, I think … dont know what they put in there..

  • Ya, I have to agree with you on this point. I love their fries too but cutting back nowadays. I don’t know if I want to know what they put in them!