Gwyneth Paltrow and her gladiator sandals

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Summers can be really, really, really hot in China and you’d hardly find any ladies wearing trainers or sneakers during the summer. I am one of the only weirdos who do and that’s because I can’t find any shoe that fit my fat feet!!!

I’d asked a friend to bring over some shoes from the US, which I’d ordered online. They were super comfy but because I couldn’t try them on before I bought them, I’ve found that the back of the shoes are too high. Result?


The blisters are so bad that the only pair of shoes I can bear to wear are socks and sneakers. Even my kids pause in their play when they hear me go, “Oww…” as I try pair after pair of shoes. My dear little boy will go running to his Dad for plasters!

Thus began the hunt for comfy footwear. A search on Amazon revealed these pretties:

Gladiator sandals, are thankfully, on their way out of season. I have been seeing one too many short, fat and frumpy lady (like me!) slopping around in them.

Honey, unless you look like Gwyneth Paltrow, stay away from gladiator sandals:

Doesn’t Gwyneth look great even if she’s in simple tee, a blazer and black jeans? I just love her gilded gladiator sandals, especially when she’s paired them with dark brown nail polish.

Her hair’s a bit off though, but who cares? She always looks so slim I wonder if it’s in her genes or if she works out a lot?

Gwyneth – are you reading my blog? If you do, will you please tell me your secret? Thank you in advance.

Anyway, gladiator sandals look better on ladies who have:

a) small, pretty feet,

b) trim ankles and

c) long legs (like the lady below):

Trendy as they are, you really, really cannot attempt to trot around in gladiator sandals or you’ll look like

a) a disciple of Jesus or

b) a Roman soldier

No, these are NOT compliments! You’ve got other footwear options, dear…

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