Birthstone necklaces?

Now that my kids are bigger, I have been looking through the little keepsakes I’ve collected from their baby and toddler years. It’s amazing how time flies!

Soon the elder one will be going to real school while the younger one can prepare for preschool 😉

I know I’m getting all nostalgic but that’s what mothers are for, right?

I know that I’ve been moaning about a diamond ring but somehow, it doesn’t seem practical for a person like me. In all honestly, I’m not the jewelry type.

I only wear jewelry when I attend weddings and other such formal functions. Instead of a diamond ring, a birthstone necklace would be nice as I’d have 4 different birthstones to wear around my neck. Seeing how spread out all our birthdays are, it’d be a really colorful necklace like this:

Besides a necklace for myself, I’d love to get a necklace with a November birthstone for my baby girl who is celebrating her birthday soon. Since she loves bears, here’s a pretty one for her:

Seeing as how girly she is, I’m sure she’d love a birthstone necklace to wear when she’s a young girl, don’t you think?

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