Transformers Inferno Fire Truck

My son is a huge Transformers’ fan especially after he watched the first movie: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen starring Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox. Although I like the cute little Camaro, Bumblebee, he prefers Optimus Prime.

Now that movie posters and movie trailers of the latest movie are EVERYWHERE, he reminded me of the Optimus Primes, Megatrons and Bumblebee he’d like to have for Christmas:

Then, he showed a sudden interest in Transformers Universe Voyager Class: Inferno. God knows why. .

I caught him eyeing this: Transformers 25th Anniversary Universe Voyager Class 8 Inch Tall Robot Action Figure – Autobot INFERNO with Launching Water Blast.

And guess what? Two grown men were eyeing the same toy!!! OMG. I was quite disgusted and probably threw them a dirty look. In turn, they gave me some sheepish grins. Thankfully, I managed to refrain from saying “Hmmmph!!!” :D

None of the male members of my family are sportscar or vehicle fans like my son so this obsessions with cars and trucks is completely new to me. Oh well, I hope that his expertise in vehicles will come in useful later for serious subjects like car breakdowns, changing a tire and etc.

Haha, typical parent, right? Always hoping that our investments now will reap us rewards later…

Oh boy, I’ve got to start hunting for toy bargains soon!!!