Going for a barbecue

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Recently, my students invited me out for an outing or a huó dòng (活动 ). After a bit of SMS-ing with the Hubby, he agreed to look after the kids while I went out for a whole day!!!

My Chinese students were delighted that I would join them and the accompanying Chinese teacher encouraged them to practise their English with me and also show me their best behaviour as befitting good citizens of China 😀

Because we were both teachers, we did not have to lift a finger! Ahh…what bliss for this Mom who has to take care of breakfast, lunch and dinner for the family.

From the beginning till the end, the Chinese teacher told me to relax or she would call the students to do it. Since I’m not the type to just stand or sit around, I became rather bored.

I went around snapping their photos – you’d be surprised at how bold Chinese students are LOL They are not shy at all and in fact, they loved the camera 😀

Some of my students (both boys and girls) turned out to be quite good cooks because they knew how to baste the meat and also what types of vegetables would taste nice grilled.

When the meats were grilled, a few of them took turns serving us: chicken, squid, beef, pork, prawns, Japanese cucumber and tofu strips.

A few girls got creative and tried to cook some baked potatoes – not bad either.

Some of the boys told me that they had outdoor fire pit at their homes. Hmm…no wonder. They were really good at grilling and only after examining that the meats were well grilled did I dare take a bite!

I had a lot of fun with the students and I hope that they learned a lot of new words in English especially related to the foods and things around them.

I also advised them not to drink too much Coke but to drink more plain water and tea. I hope that they will listen to their old teacher…

Thank you, dear students, for a lovely huó dòng (活动). I will remember this day always 😀

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