Summer Break

Summer’s here. School’s out. The heat is ON.

Two bananas are bouncing around bringing the house down. Thankfully, the ayi can handle them while I’m at work.

Day 1 started disastrously with the boy refusing to eat lunch – can you imagine that he’s STILL not hungry at 2.30 pm when I came home from work???

The ayi said that he helped himself to the bread, cookies and chocolates on the dining table. Then, he was down with a high fever and terrible cough and I was so tired the past few nights staying up to sponge him down.

Now, he has kindly shared his fever and cough with his sister i.e. I have two heaty, hoarse-voiced kids stuck at home!

Since the monkey has another 3 weeks of staying at home to go before we fly home, I have been planning activities he can do besides watching TV!

Air-conditioning isn’t good for them, which means I have 2 fans strategically placed in the hall to cool them down but it’s still sweltering hot!

In fact, I get a headache nowadays from the heat – must drink a lot of water. Have been boiling barley water for them alternating with chrysanthemum tea.

He was supposed to join a local Chinese kindergarten but since he fell sick, I couldn’t send him there. They weren’t too pleased about having him just for the summer so the last thing I need is a group of unwelcoming Chinese teachers, right?

He has been painting, practising his reading, playing with his blocks and tomorrow, he said he will practise writing the Chinese characters he learnt from school LOL

Today, he dutifully ate his lunch but he didn’t want to take a nap. Thank God it’s Friday tomorrow but I have to work this Saturday 🙁

I wonder if it’s time to buy a Nintendo Wii?

Feels like he’d be better off playing some sporty video games e.g. tennis, golf, race car driving with his sister instead of just staring at the TV all the time, eh?

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  • A Mom's Diary Link

    You’re coming back in 3 weeks? How long will you be back?

  • Kit Link

    A Mom’s Diary – Yes but times seems to be passing a bit too slowly for me! Will only be around for a month and even so, the days will be packed with errand after errand. I just wonder how I’m going to do some of the stuff with these 2 monkeys…

  • ah u’ll be back for the summer? we’ll be stuck here … 🙁

  • Kit Link

    twin – Time passes too fast and we’re going back soon…