Stir-fried tofu with leek

I just remembered an old childhood recipe – a simple dish that my Mom would cook when I was a school-going kid. I didn’t like it then, of course, but now, it’s quite a favourite with both my kids, the non-tofu lover included 😀


1 square block of hard tofu (also known as “tau kua”) – in China, it’s known as the tofu for stir-frying – Cut them into long rectangles
a handful of leek – cut into 2-3 cm long strips with a pair of scissors
2 shallots – sliced

1. Lightly brown the tofu pieces in a bit of oil. Drain the fried tofu and place them on a plate for stir-frying later.
2. Using the same oil (you can add a bit more, if you like), fry the sliced shallots until they turn a light golden brown on medium heat. Then, toss the fried tofu in along with the leek.
3. Put in a pinch of salt and add about 1-2 tablespoons of tap water to make gravy, if you like. Wait for bubbles to appear, then turn down the heat.
4. After about 4-5 minutes, the tofu would have absorbed the flavours from the leek and shallots. Turn off the fire and dish the stir-fried tofu onto a dish.

Simple, right? Yet delicious enough to be savoured with a nice soup e.g. – sweetcorn, carrots and pork ribs soup
pumpkin, celery, chicken and wolfberry soup

Enjoy! 😀