Delicious Chinese take-out food (dàizǒu 带走)

Now that I have a maid who is slightly worse of a cook than I am, I have been looking around for delicious and simple recipes she can prepare without creating a disaster :S

Without going into too much detail, you can guess that I miss my old maid and her delicious cooking A LOT.

On the bright side, it’s good for me to do some “revision” in the cooking department again 😉

Also, I have been eating out a bit more since the food at home is awful!!!

Here is a delicious set meal I had. For 15 RMB, I got:
– a bowl of rice (with free refills)
– a main dish – I always got a stewed chicken, which is really tasty and tender
– two vegetables – 小白菜 (xiǎo bái cài) and 炒 豆腐 (chǎo dòu fu) in what looks like turmeric powder?
– free soup – 冬瓜 (dōng guā) or white gourd (?). We call it winter melon? and
– a drink

Nice, right?

One fine day I headed towards the restaurant for lunch and found it CLOSED. I have no idea why because the restaurant is crowded every time I go during lunch and dinner time 🙁

That’s how the food business is like in China – now you see it, now you don’t!

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  • That’s a really good deal for RMB15. Too bad it’s out of biz liao.

  • A Mom’s Diary – I still when I see this photo and think of the good old days LOL