Plums (lǐ zǐ) from Chile

As the weather is slowly getting warmer (and back to being colder again!!!), I have been stocking up on fruits because EVERYONE has a sore throat, a cough and a flu.

It’s really the pits (pun intended).

I’m not the type to check out the weather forecast so sometimes, I end up dressing up the boy too warm and he complains. Or I end up going to work with an undershirt, a wool sweater and a down jacket because it’s a cold morning (10 deg C) only to find out that it’s a hot day (23 deg C)!

If I forget to ask my Mr. Weatherman at home, he’ll remind me if it’s going to be a cold/hot day. You can just imagine the state of the wardrobe having to dress for both cold and hot days at the same time 😛

Anyway, I have 2 kids, one of whom is 东 dōng (East) while the other is 西 xī (West). This means that while one likes one type of food, the other would be as certain to dislike it!

Here’s their reaction to the different types of fruit:

a) Bananas – a favorite for both,

b) Oranges – Girl loves them, boy dislikes them,

c) Papaya – one loves them, one can tolerate a bit and

d) Loquat  – both are so-so about them

One day at the wet market, I saw some plums on sale.

I’ve seen 3 types of plums: a reddish type, a greenish-brownish type and a plummy type. The reddish type turn out to be the “crisp” type, which means that they do not soften with age. These are from China.

The plum plums are imported from Chile, which mean that they are expensive! I think they are about RMB15-20 per kati but since they are a soft fruit even the tot can eat, I don’t mind buying them.

Last weekend, I bought a batch from someone (for the life of me, I can’t remember who I bought them from!) and they have turned out to be the sweetest because my little 东 dōng (East) ate FOUR plums today! Seeing that they were soft, I’d asked the 阿姨 āyí to cut 3 of them.

Little 西 xī (West) is not feeling her best because she’s sprouting her molars – running a slight fever and diarrhea 🙁 Thus, she only had a few slivers of the softest pieces.

But Little 东 dōng (East)? He gobbled the 3 cut plums up and wouldn’t let the 阿姨 āyí go home before she’d cut the fourth plum! I laughed when the 阿姨 āyí said, “再见! (zài jiàn)” because he yelled,

“等 一下! 锲 这 个 给 我 好吗?”

He didn’t know how to say “plum” so when she asked him what, he ran into the kitchen and grabbed the fourth plum to show her.

She laughed and cut it before she left. God bless her because I was handling cranky Little 西 xī (West) in the bedroom.

Now, I can tell him what “plum” is called so he knows. At the rate he’s devouring them, I wish that they’d give out coupons for these delectable fruits!

In any case, I’ve got to figure out from WHO I bought the plums from first…

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